Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What about Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the diseases that I am very familiar with because my Mom has this.  With that, I paid attention to the lecture of my professor.  In this writing, I would like to define what is diabetes and insulin, differences of type one diabetes and type two diabetes, discuss screening methods of evaluating diabetes, identify modifications or preventions important to reduce the risk contributing to the development of diabetes. 

So what is diabetes? According to the book entitled Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing RN Edition 7.1, “diabetes mellitus is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia due to problems with insulin secretion”.   To understand it better, I would like to highlight the words chronic and hyperglycemia.  Chronic means an illness that is constantly recurring or persistent more than three months while hyperglycemia means high blood sugar.  This physical state or situation contributes to cardiovascular diseases, stroke, hypertension, renal failure, and blindness.

What are the signs and symptoms associated with diabetes mellitus? There are three P’s for hyperglycemic and three C’s for hypoglycemic or low blood sugar. The three P’s for hyperglycemic are Polyuria which means frequent urination, Polydipsia which means increased thirst and fluid intake, and Polyphagia which means increased appetite.  Weight loss, bed wetting, fatigue, vision changes, numbness and tingling in hands or feet, sores slow to heal, and recurrent infections are also included. The three C’s for hypoglycemic are Cool, Clammy skin, and Confused.  Also included are the characteristics of being lethargic, irritable, and experiencing seizure. To treat this, the goal is to consistently manage the blood glucose within the normal range which is 60-100mg/dL.  This means that as much as possible blood glucose should be near the normal level.

So what is Insulin?  Insulin is the hormone produced in the pancreas to control level of glucose in the blood.  This means that insulin is very important in regulating glucose.  For Type 1 Diabetes, insulin is no longer being produced by the pancreas that is why, type 1 diabetic patients are insulin dependents all their lives . Type 1 diabetic starts most often in childhood and characterized as rapid onset.  If type 1 diabetic patients do not produce any insulin at all, Type 2 diabetic produce insulin however it is insufficient. Also, type 2 diabetics are insulin resistance and characterized as slow onset.  It usually occurs in middle age and older adults.  Type 2 diabetic could lead to Type 1 diabetic if blood glucose is not maintained near to normal.

So what are the methods of evaluating diabetes mellitus? Before that, we have to know the manifestations of hyperglycemia and what is the glucose number to be considered hyperglycemia.  For casual plasma glucose, it is >200 mg/dL, for fasting plasma glucose it is >126mg/dL, and for two-hour plasma glucose>200mg/dL during an oral glucose tolerance test. Another method is the A1C also called as the glycosylated hemoglobin. This is a non-fasting blood test that shows average blood glucose over 1 to four months period.  A result between 5.7% and 6.49% is considered a high risk for developing diabetes.   6.5% or greater is considered diabetic.

So what are the modifications or preventions important to reduce the risk contributing to the development of diabetes? Self-Monitoring is very important in obtaining optimal blood glucose control especially in detection and prevention of hypo or hyperglycemia.  Meal planning, education in nutrition, and recording of blood glucose results will improve overall health in addition to medications/insulin prescribed by the doctor.  Consistent intervals between meals and moderation use of alcohol play a big part in achieving the goal. Bear in mind as well that exercise lowers blood glucose, improves insulin utilization, blood circulation, and overall contributes to good health.


Blogging became my interest when a friend of mine named Michell introduced it to me.  I was so excited and was eager to write every day.  However, I became so busy with school, responsibilities, and work.  To tell you, the last blog I wrote was dated August 17, 2016. Obviously I was not able to update my blogsite long time.  Now, I’m planning to dedicate a time to write again and share life’s learning especially in the field of nursing where I am spending most of my time today.  I am thinking that it will be a great learning and help to me as I perceive and understand many different corners of nursing experiences and education.   It is my utmost hope to give you clarity and information about subjects that I myself was not aware of when it comes to disease process or to anything about nursing.  Any response will surely be appreciated!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Spending time with my family!

Today, I am inspired to express my thoughts and feelings.  Since I will be very busy next week because it will be my first day of school in the fall semester, I am enjoying my time as much as I can with my family.  The previous weeks, I spent my time working and had fun in the water as well.  With the stressful summer I had, I enjoyed the remaining month camping and chilling out with my family.  We went out kayaking, jet skiing, water tubing, and boating.  Today, I will talk about my experience in kayaking.   I promised to myself while being bombarded with books to read, assignments to submit, and more school works to be done that I will pamper myself with fun and more fun in the water.  I am thankful to my loving husband and to my beautiful daughter Madilynn who graces my summer with their untiring support, love, and belief that I will be just fine. So, in the first weekend, my family camped at woodland acres.

It’s a beautiful place with a lake just right to start my first time kayaking adventure.  It was not that challenging actually because the water was very calm and quiet but since nobody was around, I and my family enjoyed the water its serenity, privacy, and great weather.  At first, I thought it will be boring but I really had fun.   It actually brought memories from the past growing up.  I had a happy childhood and joyful experiences with my friends. I spent great time in the water since our house was situated in the nearby shore.  Basically, the seashore was my playground and so most of the times we went playing, swimming, and boating.  Now, here I was with the Kayak and the paddle about to plunge into the water.  Nervous at first but it went away so quickly.  I paddled here and there, took pictures of the surroundings, and enjoyed the sound made by the little creatures surrounding the area.  When I was confident enough maneuvering the water, I brought my little girl and enjoyed the water as well.  She loves it.  She acquired my interest and appreciation in nature I guess.   Whole weekend long, we had fun.  We celebrated the Sabbath walking in  the woods and in the hills thanking God for his goodness to all of us. 

My Worst Summer

With my classmate and friend, Haesook
I am always busy and that is the main reason why I do not have time to write and to update my blog.  This summer, I will say that it was the worst summer I had in my life.  Because of that, I do not have the plan of repeating it again. To share it with you, I took three heavy subjects this summer namely Pathophysiology, Foundations for Nursing, and Health Assessment for Nursing.  I knew I got heavy loads in my hands but I do not have an Idea how hard it will be as I carry the loads to the finish line. My professors and some of the school staffs told me that I had to brace myself because it is something I had to prepare mentally and physically.  I did not take their warnings seriously, I thought I can do it easily.  Now, the school started and the first three weeks went well.  That means, I was able to cope up with the assignments and got good grades in quizzes.  However, after that, stress went up from 10% to 40%.  I started to realize how small the time I had to squeeze three heavy subjects in my hands.  I was nervous everyday expecting that I will fail one if not two of those subjects.  The summer time was not enough for me to read and study like the way I always did.  It was hard.  Literally, many times I helplessly pass the day nervously knowing that I could get a failing grade because I can’t do anything about it.  I did not have enough time.  All of the subjects need time in reading and in understanding as well.  It was not just reading and memorization and you’re done, it was harder than that.  So, I made an adjustment in my study habits because I did not like the feeling of being stressed and nervous all the time.  What I did was I added more reading time until midnight most of the days and because of that, I lost 8 pounds.  Of course I had other major responsibilities other than my schooling such as work and taking care of my family.  I have a 3 year old daughter named Madilynn and she’s the main source of my inspiration.  Most of the times, I stayed in school to read until it was dark and late, fortunately, I was able to meet new friends, the cleaning ladies.  They were from Asia as well so sometimes, we find time to chat for a little bit and exchange foods.  The worst experience I had was in the end of the summer school when the final examinations of my three subjects including the two laboratories fall within one week.  Here, my stress level was probably 98%. My head felt it will going to explode.  It was bad, really bad.  I’m glad it was over and I proudly say that I passed all the three subjects.  My professors and the other staffs celebrated with me.  It was a relief.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

So excited with my new job!

The previous weeks, I made a decision to point my career to the right path.  I know it was right, necessary, and will happen one day but I’m not expecting that it would be that week.  I’m thinking about that decision of changing my job for long time since it’s not the direction I wanted in my life however, the camaraderie of the  people around me in my working area  such as my supervisor, co-workers, and friends in nearby department, made my stay longer.  The work was hard but their friendship, support, and care to me were amazing and I can’t thank them enough for that.

Now, that means, I am jobless.  I needed to focus on the plan of shifting the curve line to a straight one.  Well, to give you a clue, I’m a working student and I’m taking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).   I landed working in an amazing work place unfortunately however it’s far from the medical field I’m trying to attain.  I’ve been working there for long time because the company was very good in accommodating my changing schedules.  That was one of the main reasons of staying however, I can’t use the working experience as my back-up to my main career and because of that, I made the decision of resigning.

Well, one of the great starting jobs for a nursing student like me is to be a clinical assistant, a nurse aide, or a certified nursing assistant (CNA).  And so, that’s the path I walked.  I took the training and took the written and skills test.  I passed the written and skills test and was given the license to work.

I applied in one of the rehabilitation hospitals here in our place and I’m happy that I was accepted and will be started working this July in the Ventilation Assisted Unit.

Do you have any good story about a great deal in buying a car? I do!

Do you have any good story about a great deal in buying a car you like? Well, I do and it blows me away. The story started last Sunday afternoon, unexpected, and unplanned in the parking lot of Russ’s Market. I was sitting in my husband’s working car when he asked me if I’m interested to see a car he’s interested to buy. I told him sure! So we went and while we’re on the road, he told me that the car he’s interested in was drivable but not in excellent condition because there were many little things that need to be repaired. However, he’s a mechanic in his own right and way and he loves fixing cars so for me it was not surprising.

When we arrived at the area, I saw the car and it was in the back parking lot of the car dealer. It was not looking good at all but I know my husband can flip it. So I said to him, “yes, that’s a good price for a project to put time into”. However, while turning away from that vehicle, I saw another vehicle with a price tag not far from the asking of the other one. It looks new, I will say gorgeous, and perfect. It was actually one of the new Ford Explorer specifically and the outside had few but small scratches, no dings, and was well taken cared. The inside was the same. It had leather seats, very clean, and was obviously maintained nicely.

Now, the only problem according to the mark written in the front wind shield was it had a timing chain broken. My husband said, “it’s not a problem because I can buy/fix it” and so it’s still a good buy. So, the following day, Monday, I went back on that place since my husband can’t because he was working on his regular job. I told the car dealer that my husband and I were there yesterday and was interested to buy that Ford Explorer. Expectedly, the car dealer explained to me the problem about the timing chain. A lady from the room somewhere at the back, probably the big boss of the car dealer said in a loud voice, “that car has an engine problem too” and needs to be changed. So now, the car had two huge problems. With that being said, I let my husband talk to the car guy and do the decision if he’s interested or not to buy it.

With the conversation, it seemed my husband was still interested even with that additional problem given and so I told the car dealer that I will pay it right then and there to be sure that we get it. However, he said that I can do the payment in the afternoon including the paper works. It was good on my part because my husband will be there. In the afternoon, after the working hours of my husband, we went there to finalize the purchase. After the payment and the paper works, we checked the car again and we fell in love with the car because of how the car was well taken cared. It looks new! Of course the gas mileage was outstanding too.

Now, here comes the hard part, the towing. Well, my husband forgot to bring a battery at first. All he had was his brother to help him and the towing gear. My husband tried to tow it using the strap, not sure of how you call it but it’s a gear for towing. Unfortunately, the wheels were not turning and so it pulls the front bumper up a little bit. My husband said, “I have to make another plan since it’s not working our way”. And there he remembered that he should have brought a battery to power up the wheels I guess, something to that effect. So we went back across town again to get the battery and back.
Excitingly, my brother-in –law tried turning on the engine expecting that it will not work at all.  Surprisingly, it worked.  The deafening sound of an engine shocked all of us especially my husband.  Nothing was wrong with the car.  My brother-in-law drove it and everything worked perfectly. Instead of pulling the car, we drove it home. Until now, the car is still in its excellent condition and runs great.  We considered it as a gift from above.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

#Happy Birthday #Happy Father's Day

Celebration for me is always fun, big, and noisy which includes food and family. For some others, celebration means traveling, mountain climbing, or simply resting. Today is a very special day to me and I am celebrating because of two special reasons.

The first reason why today is a very special day is because it is the second birthday of my daughter. Her name is Madilynn. She is truly a special gift from God, a blessing, and an angel to us. She is always our source of joy, our inspiration, and our encouragement. From the time that she came in our lives, she changed us. She brought happiness, love, and positivity in our family. She keeps on giving us more than we can give to her and we are forever grateful.

The second reason why I am celebrating today is because it is father’s day. I am lucky to have men in my life that are so admiring, loving, and responsible. I have my wonderful husband who is there for me no matter what. He understands me, takes good care of me, and gives the best for me and our daughter. It’s one of the many things that I count as a great blessing. He’s continuing to build a very good foundation of our family where our daughter can be happy and proud of as she grows under his care.

I am fortunate also to have both my father and father-in-law in my life. Both of them are inspirations and are good examples to me and to my daughter and we always acknowledge them by saying thank you for being there for us all the time. They spend precious moments playing with our little princess if they can. These moments are treasured and appreciated because it gives positive impact to our daughter. I wish that today, your great day, you will enjoy and spend the day with glee. I pray that you will continue to have good health, blissful life, and countless blessings.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

One of my favorite books, "A Child Called "It".

The book entitled "A Child Called "It" is a depressing autobiography of the author, Dave Pelzer. In this book, he wrote a compelling account of his struggles as a young boy from the age of 4 to the age of 12 years, in the hands of his mentally ill, abusive and alcoholic mother. He unveiled the curtain of being an abused child and revealed his unpleasant experiences as he succumbed the grueling and hateful attacks of his detrimental mother.

Before the abuse began, Dave recalled that he had a happy and normal family. His father was working as a fireman in San Francisco, working twenty four hour shifts and was rarely at home. His mother was a kind, gentle, wonderful gardener, and excellent cook, often making exotic meals matched up with exotic music while the family ate. She was very energetic, caring, and cleaned the house extremely well. Dave had two brothers named Stan and Russell.

They would often have outings or celebrations of holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. On Halloween, they carved pumpkins for decorations, and on Christmas they always had dozens of presents for each child under the tree. Summer vacations were always planned by Dave’s mother. They would rent a cabin on the Russian River and enjoy every moment of it, either swimming or watching the sunset with the whole family. However, these happy moments were short lived. Changes started when Dave’s mother began spending her days on the couch watching television and drinking when her husband was not at home. Dave became the target of his mother’s drunken rage. (Dave, P. (1995). A child called “it” : once child courage to survive. Florida: Health Communications, Inc.)

Taking the first step is a challenge!

Taking the first step to start a complex project, a plan, or even the easiest task is sometimes challenging. I can say this because I experience this most of the times. One obvious example is my failure of updating my blog. I am in front of my computer most of the times and I like writing and sharing my experiences however, it’s the small step, the very first step which in my case is to sit down and write whatever is on my mind that becomes a hindrance. It seems easy to say and do what I just said but in reality I always ended up circling around the plans or project and it is very frustrating at times.

So today, I have to make changes. I acknowledge that I have a problem in starting off and with that I am committing myself to update my blogs as much as I can. I learned that when I give time and focus to something I want, it gives an amazing development and accomplishment and I believe that this is true to other people too.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's not bad to ask help at all!

Life is difficult, unfair, and painful at times. On the other hand, life is easy, fair, and happy at times too. However life leads and treats you, your reaction and response to life makes a difference. It may drag you down or lift you up. I pray that when you’re falling down because of troubles and problems around, you could make a way to pause and change the course of life to something positive and beneficial not just to yourself but to your family and friends as well. I know it’s hard but trying out and making the best you can, can bring smiles and good times to people around you. Ask help if you need help. It could be somebody from a friend, a family, or a person with profession in dealing with different problems in life. I experience it myself and wanting to share it. It’s not bad to ask help at all.