Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bridal Shower Party

When i was in my teenage years, bridal shower party for me sound so happy and enjoying. I do not have an idea yet if one day in my life i will have one though i wish and pray to have such. Then, came my marriage moment. I had my wedding ceremony in a new place...a new friends and new culture, new in everything. With the situation, I am not expecting of a bridal shower party anymore. But what a surprise when a friend in the name of Ate Maria Johnson initiated to give me a shower party together with the other Filipina friends. Usually, it is the maid of honor who is giving such party but since we do not know eachother well, it is impossible. Thanks to Ate Maria for throwing me an organized, happy, enjoying, lots of fun...lots of food...and many expensive gifts party. My thought then became a reality in my life.

I do not have clear understanding of the history of the bridal shower party. And so I tried of searching in the net and these are the informations I found in relation to it. According to "Her Bridal Flavors", the bridal shower is a special event allowing friends and family to spend time with the bride-to-be before the Big Day to laugh, celebrate and enjoy one another's company. This memorable day, which also takes a great deal of planning, is a tradition that truly marks the beginning of wedding celebration and festivities.

The tradition of the bridal shower originated in he United States, although the first story originates from a love affair based in Holland. The story begins with a young girl who fell in love with a poor but good-hearted mill operator. Her father was unhappy that his daughter was planning to marry a penniless man and, in order to dissuade her, refused to give her the customary bridal dowry. Friends and members of the community decided to come together and “shower” the couple with gifts in order to compensate for the dowry and allow them to marry. This romantic gesture quickly became a tradition for all brides and their loved ones.

I believe that different country do have different beliefs when it comes to this.


Mitch said...

wow it's nice pics here.

Michel said...

wow grabe ka Lynn nag research ka talaga sa kong ano yong bridal shower ha buti yon ngayon alam ko na.

Bracing Lifes Challenges said...

Di ko din kasi alam before. Thanks ha.