Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lincoln, Zoo

After Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo, I will going to introduce to you the Lincoln Zoo. It is a walking distance from our place and I would like to invite everybody specially the kids to enjoy the amazing animals and fun experience inside the zoo.

Lincoln Zoo has a special program and it caters kids and family so if you are thinking to enjoy a weekend with the family, it is the best place to visit. Here is their program.

"Healthy Families Play Outside" is a new program undertaken by the Zoo and its partners: Nebraska Game and parks Commission; Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department and Pioneers Park Nature Center; Lower Platte Resource District; University of Nebraska Extension; Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools; and the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation. The goals of the Healthy Families Play Outside project are:

To introduce and provide incentives for families of all socio-economic groups to get outside and play in Lincoln and southeast Nebraska’s parks, natural areas and other outside spaces.

To educate families about the importance of outdoor physical exercise and the benefits inherent in this kind of activity.

To focus media attention on the need for active, physical, outdoor play and the resources available in Lincoln.

Research over the last few years has provided evidence of the importance of outdoor activity and physical play and the positive effects they have on health. Experiencing the natural world provides physical, emotional, and spiritual activity that seems to counteract many of the behavioral conditions and challenges experienced by people today. Over 100 studies of outdoor experiences show that natural environments produce positive physiological and psychological responses in humans, including reduced stress and a general feeling of well-being.
Through outdoor physical plan, children develop confidence as their skills grow. A child who is initially reluctant to go down the tall slide at the park feels a great deal of personal pride when he/she musters up the courage. Playground opportunities that allow children to discover more about themselves and their environment helps them develop intellectually and creatively.

After enjoying the featured animals inside the zoo, going to Sunken Garden just near that place is a great idea. You will be calmed and inspired by the colorful flowers around.


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