Monday, August 11, 2008

It is worth waiting!

I was in elementary grade when i started to hear discussions on compleat courtship and marriage. Those topics were not that interesting to me yet since playing after school with my classmates was the one i spent most of my time with. I had my elementary grade in a public school and subjects as such were not that elaborated or talked about. Well, of course that time, we started to admire intellectual person already...have crush with other classmates and it was a good feeling. But in our place, talking about our feelings was something we would like to but we're shy of sharing it and end up keeping it with ourselves.

It was in high school days when i started to appreciate conversations about love...about courtship and about marriage. Not that I joined in exchanging of ideas about it but I just love of being a listener and an observer. I heard most of the topics from the activities with discussions from our church or in a seminar to the youth about how to deal changes and experiences being a youth. I appreciated everything about it and i believe that everybody will enjoy and will feel excited if the topic is all about love. I started to buy books. The one that i will never forget was the The Compleat Courtship and Marriage by Van Pelt, the Messages to young people by Ellen G. White was the one I love too though it caters not just for marriage or love that makes it more an amazing book. I started to became serious about it...understanding how important it was in our find the Mr. Right that God set for us. I started to pray to God to lead me to that person.

The understanding I learned with my experience since then about Love, Courtship and Marriage was, its like an education were we went to school for many years to be successful. And for me it is the same thing about marriage. It took time before I understood many things about the little things in courtship...handling the relationship....making it happy...understanding the sacredness and sanctity of it. And from there, with God, Marriage will be a happy and successful one.

I got married just last month. Things are lot so different now but what I can say is that I'm so thankful with God that He led me to Mr. Right and I am so happy this time. It is worthwaiting!

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