Monday, October 27, 2008

Area Camporee

Last October 18 to 20, 2008, we had another camping called the Area Camporee. It is called Area Camporee because it was participated by other Pathfinder clubs like the Adventist Pathfinder Club in Omaha and the Piedmont SDA Pathfinder club here in Lincoln. It was indeed a challenge for me because that time, the climate was colder than the first campout that I attended with. It was in the same place, the Woodland Acres. The activities were almost the same just that, this time around, many participated. Woodland Acres is owned by the College View Seventh Day Adventist Church so they always hold the camping in that area. Just like what I have said, the campout was challenging one for me because of the cold weather. I wore two jackets most of the time in or out of the tent because I can't bear the cold. Anyway, I came from the Philippines and in our country, we just had two seasons...the summer and the rainy season. That is the reason why I had difficulty when it comes to cold weather until this time. I just wish that I can bear the winter...specially so that the club has a schedule campout on the month of February. Great! right? I can do it. By the way, my husband is the Camp Director of the Pathfinder club so Im in the campouts most of the time.


my diary said...

wow seguro enjoy kayo dito ah...ano bayan osok?

Bracing Lifes Challenges said...

Thanks my diary for your comment. Di sya usok. Fog sya...hehehe