Monday, October 27, 2008

Kidney Stone

Early Sunday morning, I was awaken by a big wave in our water bed. That was because my husband was in pain and he moved too much to look for a comfortable position. I was so worried of what is going on to him. I saw him standing up, walking, sitting down and a bit later he hurriedly went to the rest room to vomit. He said, the pain was too much that caused him to throw up. He tried of having a hot bath to soothen the muscles but it did not work. The vomiting continues and so with the pain. I was so worried and so I called Mom about it. She decided to come and after figuring out what is going on with him, we decided to go to the emergency room of BryanLGH Medical Center. He was in pain and so he was given right away painkiller. After a process of tests and examination, they concluded that the pain was caused by the kidney stone that is about to pass in the ureter. It was too small that will pass on its own and so they let us home and just gave a pain reliever. As of now, the stone is not passing out yet and hopefully, it will not hurt so much.


Mitch said...

kawawa naman ang asawa mo buti nalang ok na sya ngayon di ba.

Bracing Lifes Challenges said...

Thankful ako na ok na sya. Pero di pa confirm kung yong bato ay nkalabas na so, Were still praying.