Friday, October 24, 2008

My first Camp in Nebraska

It was September 19-21, 2008 when the Pathfinders were scheduled to camp at Woodland Acre. I was so excited and thrilled of being able to join and participate in this kind of activity. Big part was because it was my first time of Camping in a new place, new people, new culture, new weather and new environment. I am curious of how they will spend the whole weekend, of how they hold pathfinder campouts. Is it the same with our place back in the Philippines when it comes to activities and programs. It was 3:00pm when we left the College View Church and around 3:45pm when we reached the place. The camp site was so beautiful. It was safe and with complete facilities when it comes to camping necessity...i mean the rest room and shower room...i believe there was a cottage but we did not use it because all the campers slept in the tent. I had difficulty in the weather because I easily get cold even the rest of the campers were not. In the first evening, we had a great supper and a worship...not much of fun because all the campers were tired. Upon ariving in the area, all the campers were busy setting up the big tent for cooking and eating...and the small tents for sleeping. There were almost 80 campers attended. In the Sabbath morning, we were awaken by an early call for breafast. A bit difficult for me because the sorroundings were cold. The morning sabbath, we had a worship and in the afternoon, we worked for our honors. That is a study on a special skill where we are given an honor if we finish and accomplish all the requirements. The Saturday evening was all fun. Games for the kids and baking onions and apples for the adults...great experience for me. The following day, Sunday, we went out the woods, cleaned, cut logs, splitted it and arranged it. Tiring activity but it is fun. Almost 3:00pm when we went home.


Michel said...

looks like all is busy here.

Bracing Lifes Challenges said... nakakapagod.