Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We have had a traditional "Pamamanhikan" on December 26, 2008. To some countries like China and Korea, it is known as the engagement Party. Pamamanhikan is usually solemn, simple and mostly attended by both families, few close friends and relatives. It is the way of welcoming our committed relationship by our family, relatives and friends. In our case it was a bit different and special. Different because first, my sweetheart was alone instead that he will be accompanied by his family but because of the distance, that cannot be possible. Second, it turned out to be attended by many relatives, neighbors, churchmates and friends. Third, the program was divided into five parts...the solemn one which was of course the engagement message from our head elder Uncle Don, messages of advice from my parents, sisters, nephews and nieces...the most interesting and awaited part when Monte asked my hand to my parents in front of the attendees and of course the words of acceptance and welcome from my parents...the musical part where my choirmates, the Arcillas SDA Chorale had concert participated by my nephews and nieces...the refreshment part.....and the final part which was the funny games. The program started around 1:00pm and we ended around 8:00 in the evening already. What a special day for us!

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