Thursday, October 23, 2008

Study Tax Preparation in

I stayed here in Lincoln, Nebraska for almost four months now and still I do not have the permit to work so I stayed most of the time at home. I applied already to have the license to work here but my friends told me that it will take time. While waiting, i enrolled in an online course called the Tax Preparation. It is from October to December only but it will give lots of benefits for those who will enroll. I enrolled in Jackson Hewitt Tax Service just along the 27th street near the Oriental Market but since i was late for real class...i mean attending the room class, i enrolled in an online class. I will say that it benefit me a lot since I do not have yet the license to drive so i can study at home. I do not need to wake up early or wear good dress for school, i do not consume gasoline and time in going to school, can go camping and do outdoor activities with the time i want...But of course I have to do my part. We have a discussion comments and answering assignments...and lot more for us to understand the subject. They gave us books as our guide and that help us a lot.