Monday, October 27, 2008

Valas Pumpkin Patch Fall Festival

After our Fall campout which was the Area Camporee, we just took a shower and head out to Valas Pumpkin Patch Fall Festival. It is situated in 12102 South 180th St., Gretna, Ne 68028. We were joined by the bestfriend of my Husband Cris and a friend named Beth. It was evening when we reached that place but still I had fun. I enjoyed seeing real BIG PUMPKINS. We had the chance of being able to go to the field of pumpkins and there, I was so amazed of how big their pumpkins were. They opened on September 27 and it will be until November 1 only so for those who want to have fun with your kids and family, it is a best place to go. Valas Pumpkin Patch Festival have lots of activities to enjoy. They have Pig races, Pumpkin Eating Dragon Show, Howl-at-the-Moon Stage Shows, Scarecrow Band, Pumpkin Chuckin’ Cannon Show, Tractor Rides, Train Rides, Peddle Cars, Pony Rides, Pumpkin Mine, Storybook Barn, Haunted House, Spook Shed, Giant Sling Shot, Paint ball Shootout etc. They have lot more for you to truly enjoy.


Mitch said...

anglaki talaga ng pumpkin.

Bracing Lifes Challenges said...

Grabe...sobrang laki talaga. Enjoy ako.