Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who you want to be the President of United States of America and why?

I am new to this place, the United States of America and when it comes to the fast approaching election, my view is "whoever the American people will choose to vote" there goes my support. Anywhere in the area talks about the coming the streets, offices, houses, malls, restaurants...anywhere, people are talking about who will be the next President or whom they will vote for. They talk about it because it will largely affect each Americans lives. Is it the Republican candidate Sen. John McCain or the Democrat Candidate Sen. Barack Obama. Why do you think that Sen. McCain deserves to win the same with why do you think that Sen. Obama should win. You are free to give comments and I will appreciate it much. To me, whoever will win, may he will lead the country responsibly, intellectually and serve the people with great honor and respect. May He will bring more success to people and to the land. God bless America!

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