Sunday, November 9, 2008


The word blog came to my world through a friend named Mitchel Breyer. She is a very good friend of mine. I met her on my second day here in Nebraska with Ate Maria Jonhson, another Filipino friend fetching me to go to the welcome party they prepared for us. She became my buddy since then. We became acquainted and we started sharing many things in life like our experiences here as we adjust to a new environment...completely different atmosphere compared to the place where we grew up. From our communications, she mentioned blogging activities. She started being busy with it when she was still in the Philippines. She gave me lots of attracting ideas that stimulated my interest to try. It was first week of August, specifically the 3rd day when I wrote my first message. The topic was about my Bridal Shower Party. If you want to read it, just scroll down and you will find it below.

Blogging is like making personal diary or from the word blogging itself, it is writing a blog. From the Columbia Encyclopedia, "the blog is short for web log, an online, regularly updated journal or newsletter that is readily accessible to the general public by virtue of being posted on a website. Blogs typically report and comment on topics of interest to the author, and are usually written and posted using software specifically designed to facilitate blogging; they include hyperlinks to other website and, often, photos, video clips, and the like. The most recent entry by the blogger is posted at the beginning of the blog, with earlier entries following in reverse chronological order; comments and other responses to the blog by readers are often posted after each entry. Although some bloggers have (or have achieved) prominence and expertise that makes them as influential in politics and other areas as established journalists, reviewers, and critics (some of which maintain blogs themselves), many bloggers reach relatively few readers and discuss matters of largely personal interest. Blogs are also used by politicians, businesses, and others to keep voters, customers, and the like informed on matters of common interest; they can function as a significant alternative to television, newspapers, and other mainstream media, especially in nations where the media are controlled or censored by the government. Bloggers have at times broken important news stories or marshalled public opinion on a matter of public interest."


amiable amy said...

btw, added your blog to my list and follow it....hoping you do the same girl...God bless

Bracing Lifes Challenges said...

Thanks friendly amy. God bless too.

zunnur said...

In my country, where the mainstream media were biased and often functioned as a mouthpiece of the ruling government, blogs became an important tool for the opposition parties to publish the hidden stories.