Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are extremely useful. Mothers specially the Kitchen lovers depend on these kitchen aid. Kitchen appliances could be big or small depending on what you need or maybe depends also on the area of your kitchen. Refrigerators are usually the number one appliance present in our kitchen because it is one of the most important. Again it will depend on what you like…it could be built-in or free standing which include the Top Freezer, Bottom Freezer, French Doors Side by side and compact . Built-in gives a classic elegant look while free standing is more economical but of course they both give excellent services to refrigerate our food. If you are in need to have one of these, Shopwiki is a good place to go. It will give you all the features as well as the buying guide to make your purchases easy as possible.

Another big kitchen appliance that we should have is the oven of course and it comes in many different styles and sizes. We have the single oven, double oven, single convection as well as the single convection---luxury. In buying ovens, same with refrigerators, we consider many characteristics. These includes fuel, conventional and convection, the sizes as well as the features. Again, you can go to Shopwiki for a best buy of this specific item.

Of course I will not forget the dishwashers. It is one of my bestfriends because it helped me a lot. We have many things to consider in buying this particular item and this has many features too so we have to becareful. We have to consider the wash tiers, more tiers are always better; we have to consider the noise…low-noise dishwasher is the excellent one; of course the speed and cycle, the style, rack configuration and many more….I will not forget the trash compactors. This help your meal clean-up too partnered with the dish washer.

Washer and Dryer are included as well in big appliances and like other kitchen appliances, they are a big help to all of us to make our household chores easier and fun. Big appliances assisted and keep on assisting us in our kitchen cleaning same with the small ones. Like the big one, small ones help us in many ways. I would like to mention Food Processors , Hand Mixers , Blenders and many more and they all do have their own purpose to help us keeping our household work enjoyable and easier.


Its been a long while that I am not writing here in my blog. It was because I've been very busy the previous months, weeks and days. And yes, there were many great, happy and good things and events happened in my life that all I can say is THANK GOD YOU'RE SO GOOD TO ME!

Of course the happiest and the best of all is the blessing and the gift through our baby. From then on, our lives, me and my husband became more colorful, happier and best. We are excited everyday to se her. So much excited to hold her in our hands and to whisper to her that we love her very much.

She is indeed a blessing and an angel to us. We are working hard and doing our best for her and so we pray that she will grow strong and healthy, be a service to God, be succesful in life and more...We will be here for her all our lives...


Friday, October 2, 2009


I just learned from my sister the bad news about their unforgettable experience with typhoon Ondoy. Its really their first time to deal with this kind of tragedy. Unending rains causes water to go up high to more than 6 feet in almost every places. Many people were affected specially those near the river banks. No one was exempted either rich or poor... same fate..... very bad tragedy... Despite of what happened, they still managed to THANK GOD cause they are still alive.. GOD IS REALLY GREAT.. and ONLY GOD IS their strength in situation like this..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding bouquets

I just arrived home from work...a bit tired but to make my moment bright and happy, I have to talk about my flowers. I want to share to you wedding flower bouquets that are available in my site. They are simple yet elegant, artistic, very formal and most of all presentable in the wedding ceremony. The latest design was the one requested to me by one of the customers in etsy, her request was to make a bouquet with tiffany blue and red combined. It looks so pretty same with the other wedding bouquet. It is a combination of Artificial Peony Spray, Tiffany Blue with water effect Rose, red Rose, Hydrangea, Mum and accents. For more information, go to my shop and select the best one you want.

If you are in Lincoln, Nebraska, I am arranging fresh flowers too. I do wedding isles flower decoration or church flowers...any arrangements you need. It will be just within your budget and so if you want me to help you with your flower arrangements in your wedding, just leave a message here or write at my email, elegant5523@yahoo.com. For more detail informations, check out and visit my shop. Thank you!











Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wedding Invitations

I was married July 6, 2008 and like every couple, I wanted my wedding to be tremendous as much as possible. I wanted it to be excellent in all aspects but you see, you have enormous things to consider to achieve such kind of success. The goodnews is that it is achievable. Maybe you will ask how? Well, just one answer, “organization of things and events/planning”. This is the key to keep you smiling even after the wedding. Usually, the couple are stressed, exhausted and tired after the wedding but making the organization/plans will wipe out the stress away.

What are the wedding preparations you have to make? So difficult to answer but you do not have to worry because 123print.com is there to help you. They have the wedding checklist. All you will do is execute everything that is suggested. They have the Wedding Do’s and Don’ts too and many more.

123print.com offers variety of services but one in particular is the wedding invitations. Like other facets of the wedding, wedding invitations are so important to express how you like in your wedding day. And again, 123print.com offers this as their specialty. They will help you in the wordings of your invitation, give you so much options in designs, can customize to whatever design you want and most of all, they have affordable and quality services and products. Check it out.

Finally I can do it!

With my consistent and burning desire to do the flower arranging, finally, i was able to convince my husband and his bestfriend to include it in our business. What a relief. I know it will be difficult at first in establishing it...i expect a lot of challenges but I am positive that it will be a successful one. I have the talent and skills, I have the dedication and love for the work, I have my heart in this project. With Gods help, may this business will grow. HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Greatest Gift

There is so much joy and excitement to know that I am having a "little precious baby" in my belly. It is a feeling of extreme happiness and bliss. It is just unexplainable touch that all you can say is "Thank God" for this wonderful gift...thank God for this precious angel that you create in me.

We pray that as this little baby grow inside of me, may he/she will grow strong and healthy and will become an individual who will love God fully and be a service to people and to Him.

We love you very much baby...Thank you for coming in our lives. You are such a wonderful blessing and our greatest gift from above.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Even if circumstances doesn’t favor the market due to recession, still there is a safest way to invest money and start with own business. Yes, we can establish ourselves to be successful entrepreneur without fear despite of adversities in our society by determining the excellent product to sell that will provide absolute return on investment. In line with this, 1800Vending Org is the appropriate fulfillment to person neophyte in commerce. They offer innumerable trade preference to all who want to take the challenge and make a difference in the economy.

Engaging in 1800Vending promise speedy profit everyday especially if it’s situated in a strategic spot where people come and go. Its capitalization is very minimal sustaining small expenditure in operation. It’s simple, convenient and certainly practical way of generating income because there’s no need to hire people plus it works 24/7. Selection of products include snack and soda vending machines, energy drink vending machines or healthy snack vending machines. All there commodities were essential making it well known in every busy streets. 1800Vending Blog is very popular to people sharing their experiences about the variety of products along with the full benefits it accord by the loyal purchaser.

There’s a lot to learn with 1800Vending Org and one thing for sure, they provide beginners an infinite assurance for better and brighter future.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


With our present financial difficulties, a lot of people are stressed and worried about their future. While others are indispensably overloaded doing their matchless effort in order to survive neglecting the importance of having good health. With critical situations like these, more human suffered from poor health due to stress, inadequate sleep, improper diet, and inadequate exercise.
First things first, we should take care of ourselves and its necessary to invest in physical wellness so that we could be able to avoid sickness in like manner to sustain longer the power needed to hurdle everyday challenges. Given the importance of time in obtaining excellent health, humantouch.com is the perfect remedy for everyone. They’ve been giving comfort and perfect condition to many clients for more than 30 years dominating their product in the industry. There services are one of a kind specifically the unique Massage Chair Benefits. Its space saver and perfect for home relaxation taking away all the stresses in life while enjoying home ambiance together with the rest of the family right there inside the house. It can be use at your own convenient time, safe as if done by human hands, as well as hassle free giving total happiness and satisfaction. Nowadays, hiring home service therapist is not practical anymore it’s more advantageous to acquire the latest Massage Chair Benefits because it could save us extra in terms of time, money and effort. Prices are very affordable and come in a complete package including the free service delivery. It is made to assist people towards healthy living and lifestyle in a timely manner.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Time is precious and sometimes we let this go unnoticed. With all our happiness and achivements in our lives, is God included in it? Do we spend ample time to say thank you or even praising His name? Just want to share the song I've learned back from my home church ..... and its nice to concentrate between lines taking it heartily...

I wonder have i done my best for Jesus
Who died upon the cruel tree
To think of His great sacrifice at Calvary
I know the Lord expect the best from me

How many are the lost that I have lifted
how many are the chained i help to free
I wonder have i done my best for Jesus
For He has done so much for me

The time that I have wasted are so many
The time I spend for Christ so few

Because of all my lack of love for Jesus
I've wonder if my heart is break'n too...

Yes, am guilty too about my time but its not yet too late to respond on it. God is very gracious that He understands us come what may. So spend few minutes for God everyday. As the bible says... Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all this things shall be added unto you...Be a blessings to others..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Constructions and Improvement Essentials

Because of technology, we can now see different kinds of high rise establishments in our surrounding such as condominiums, hotels, gymnasiums, malls and other street improvements. Everyday, people learn to embrace these developments as it increases in numbers, so as the business dealings too. Competition is getting stiffer aggregating the construction firm unstoppable for revisions and enhancement. The quality and the total impact of the whole structure lies in the hands of the contractors. Therefore, it’s absolutely important that the builder is very knowledgeable and experienced in all facet of the construction process. Likewise, professional engineers, architects, and other specialist plays essential role in achieving its masterpieces.

One of the best that qualifies as described above is San Diego concrete construction services. They’ve been in the business for more than 20 years maintaining its position to be the leader in the industry. All their projects were managed by skilled and expert professionals creating extremely unique showpieces. Aside from accomplishing first class hotels, they are applauded too in concrete street construction and structural reinforced concrete San Diego . They are well known in these kind of undertaking because their entire personnel were competent possessing each an imaginative, innovative, creative, as well as sensitive apperception in utilizing different high grade materials in achieving harmony and perfection. They are technologically equipped able to deliver services on time. No wonder they are trusted by huge number of respected clients gaining advantage to others.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Come to a Free Summer Concert.

Summer time is the best season to enjoy outdoor and have fun. Waterparks with raging waters, ocean oasis with great spa service, cabana rentals, games and amusements for all ages sounds excellent and interesting. All of these, you can find in Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterparks. They have an exceptional customer services for you to enjoy every moment of your stay.

I have to mention the ongoing Radio Summer Concert Series that started June and it will last until August this year. It will be held in Wildwood, New Jersey and of course at Morey’s Piers. But one thing for you to note is that this concert series is FREE for everyone. It is very timing since we are experiencing a problematic economy right now and this is a help to everyone to be able to have fun and chill out to a free concert series. Since it will be in Morey’s Piers, i encourage you to enjoy longer and have a Jersey Shore beach vacation. It is an outstanding place to stay. Come and be entertained by the Free Radio Summer Concerts. Rest assured that you will be delighted because top Radio Disney Artists will be there too.

Family Reunion

Where here right now at my mother-in-laws house with the whole family. For the past week, the family are busy and having fun. Majority of the family joined the South Dakota trip as part of the family reunion and right now, we are enjoying the tourist spots here in Lincoln. One of the families went home to Florida already and the other one will go home tomorrow at New Mexico. It feels great to meet them all and spend time with them. Yesterday, we went to Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. We spent the whole day there. In dinner time, we ate in our house with the whole family. My husband was tired in preparing food but he was so happy to see them all together in our house.

Kitchen Sinks for you

Kitchen Sink is one part of the house that should be given attention. Why? It is basically because it is the place where we go and use most of the time for many things. To me, I go there probably around 20 times in a day for many reasons. Of course the best reason is the preparation of food for a great dinner or special occasions. It will be your bestfriend as you enjoy and having fun with cooking. Since there is 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year multiplied by 20 times in a day, this means that you need a sink that will last…you need a sink that will survive the everyday use.

With the creative and innovative mind of inventors, we have almost everything we need and want. They have now the solutions for the wear and tear of using kitchen sinks. All we have to do is to be knowledgeable and be well informed about anything in kitchen sinks when you want to buy one because in some way, they still do have the negative part of it. Some of the examples are that the kitchen sink can’t stand the hot, cold or sharp objects or the surface can corrode over time. These considerations are important to have a lasting kitchen sink. Of course for us to be inspired in cooking, we can select one that is stylish and within our taste because it represents personal expression.

Stainless kitchen sinks are one of the best. It is known for durability and ease of cleaning. It can resist hot or cold or the sharp objects too.


I can't stop myself talking about flowers lately because it took so much of my time just thinking about it. I don't know. There is a lot of ideas coming in my mind about it. I am thinking of how about if i will make it as a career...i mean include it in our business. Flower arranging is fun and i am sure I will earn money, i just really have to do it. For many nights I think about it and I came to a conclusion that its good to make it serious. I can make it I know coz I am very good at it.

With that, I talk to Chris and to my husband that we will make it as part of our business but unfortunately, they did not permit it. Anyway, I will still continue doing it...i mean slowly i will going to establish flower business. (My husband is beside me and he can read what I am writing and he made a comment that it doesn't mean they are not accepting it, it's just that our business license is not for flowers) okey, explaination accepted. Well, definitely i will have a flower business and just watch about it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Go to Vegas!

Speaking of Las Vegas, everyone agrees that it is the “Entertainment Capital of the World. Why? It is obviously because Vegas is internationally well known for its major resort city of shopping, elegant dining and of course gambling. The place is distinguished for its impressive and magnificent casino resorts and other entertainment centers. In Vegas, you will be astonished by the outdoor lighting displays because it is just anywhere.

When it comes to hotels, you will be accommodated and brightens with their excellent quality of service. Each hotel has its class and convenience when it comes to food, drinks, surroundings, amenities and entertainment. You can have it all.

If you love gambling, casino resorts are just anywhere. Here, you can earn big instantly if you are fortunate to win the games but of course the other way around if you turned out to be unlucky. Anyways, people here are playing to have fun and enjoy I believe. It doesn't matter if they win or loss.

For pure fun and excitement, Vegas Shows is everything you need. Now, It will Depend on what type of person you are. If you are entertained by magic and the unknown, you will be astound and electrified by the haunting exploration into the inventive mind of magician Criss Angel. If you want laughter, excitement, music and dance, Blue Man Group is the best show to go to. If you want gorgeous Showgirls, you can go to Jubilee. They will welcome you with inviting smiles, outstanding sets, dazzling costumes and spectacular musical numbers. If you want hilarious production combining sexy modern burlesque with world-class stand-up comedy, go to Sin City Comedy Show. The sky is the limit. All you will do is of course provide a ticket. For more information about that, you can go to bestofvegas.com. You will be given detailed informations on ticket prices.

Since Vegas is the ideal location for entertainment, they will give you a non-stop fun and entertainment.

My Hidden Talent

Back in our country, the Philippines, I am used of helping couples who are about to be wed in their wedding ceremony. It could be through the wedding program or through the flower arrangements/designs. Since flower arranging/designing seems to be innate to me, working long hours with flowers seem just a minute to me. I enjoyed so much that I didnt notice the time. Honestly, I do not have a formal training on flower arranging but my creation are so unique and personal that they love and appreciate it so much. In our country, particularly in our church, my talent or shall we call it a skill, is not hidded to them. That is why in every wedding occasion, they call for my help.

I consider it as one of my personal ministries in helping people through my talent. I did not accept fee and I am very happy about it. I felt that the more I become creative and skillful on that part, reason that I am inspired and willing to help them more. I sometimes worked 24 hours continuous just to make everything perfect from wedding bouquets (bride, bridesmaid, maid of honor, mother), corsages, buttonaires, isle flowers, table flowers, pulpit flowers...everything.

It feels great considering the fact that we live in a tropical place because flowers are not difficult to find. That is one that I like the most and so I had the priviledge of arranging fresh flowers.

Because of my skill, I became the regular flower arranger in our Church.

Here in US my talent or skill in flower arranging remained hidden for the past months but I started to share it with my family friends. I am very happy to see their smile in their face and their appreciation for my work.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Its Worry Free with ADT ALARMS

With this present economic crisis, it’s very alarming that crime rates are getting worse almost every day; burglary, theft, massacre, robbery, explosions, plus many other things. Life is getting harder to live and people think of any means just to survive.

However, life must go on positively and we should get along full of assurance that in every predicament there must have a corresponding resolutions. For dangerous circumstances, the optimum answer is ADT Home Security since it’s the topmost home security company catering to millions of clients throughout North America. ADT is the leader also the sole provider of the electronic security service covering public, commercial or residential. They have the complete Home Security System guaranteeing total defense and surety from dangerous facet of society. As you look through with homealarmexpert.com you will be overwhelmed by their Home Alarm System. All their products come into a complete package at a very affordable cost maintaining its quality and security. ADT Home Security responses very fast, it’s just a click from the key pad and it’s automatically connected with the local authorities in seconds. Its user friendly and hassle free because it’s made for comfort and convenience to all 24/7.

So for us who love to travel and always away from home, security system monitoring is the best protection to our precious mansion. With this, we are assured of safety to each member of the family as well as can spend a long vacation with them without any worries. Life is too short to live, lets enjoy it. Don’t just be aware of dangers, plan, act and call ADT Home Security now.

Monday, June 29, 2009

I miss you Sis!

The time here is 9:02 a.m. I just have done talking through internet with my sister Glen and my nephew AA. I miss them so much. Thanks to computer advancements. With it I can talk and see them anytime as if they are just in the other room. It is good to see them happy and healthy, it is good to hear news from our place...friends and church.

I wish that I can visit and have a vacation in the next two years. Will be able to be with my family again. I miss them so much.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Top Insurance Providers

When I was hospitalized a year ago, it wasn’t that hard for me to be confined at the best hospital in town because I had insurance that took care of my hospital bills. If permitted, I want to stay longer in the hospital actually because I feel relax, had the complete rest and i will say vacation at the same time with my nephews and neices as my companion. It is an outstanding idea, it is safe and worry free when you are insured in a reputable insurance company. It will give you peace of mind and security in life.

The importance is same thing with insuring your properties. It could be your residential homes or commercial properties. This is to make sure that everything will be taken cared of when unexpected things happen. Remember always that invested properties are vulnerable to risk. That could be a damage to fixtures or even a loss of rent should your property remain unoccupied after some damage has occurred and is in the process of being repaired. For sure you want preservation and protection, you want defense and shield and for you to do that, you have to have commercial insurance.

Talking about insurance, landlordbuddy.co.uk will provide you with first class landlord insurance providers for your various valuable investments. They offer the most comprehensive insurance coverage patterned to every patrons need. It's really amazing to know commercial landlord insurance because they have profound protection to your investments guaranteeing each policy holder 100% peace of mind. They make sure you’re always in good hands in times of fortuitous events.

Try to asses your properties now. Make sure your valuable investments are in good hands.

I miss my homechurch!

Back in my homecountry in the Philippines, i was a member of our church choir. I am happy and enjoying serving God through singing. I used to sing in the pulpit solo or with my friends and family. I miss those moments. I treasured it so much in my heart. Now, i still can sing but not in the church yet. If we have a special program in Home for the aged, I share Gods message through singing.

I am excited and happy to say that we are planning to form a Filipino singing group. It will be a trio with Ate Melfa and Ate Ferlie. They are great singers but right now, Ate Ferlie is still busy with her thesis. Maybe after that, we can sit down and learn songs for music ministry. We want to share Gods love through music and so it will be a priviledge for us to be used for the service of God.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


E- Business is the awesome thing that happens to the industry nowadays because it gives convenience to customers at the same time opens to the owners and dealers immeasurable business opportunities. For this reasons, goldwingcountry.com offers the best motorcycle parts and accessories online perfect to the motorcycle aficionado as well as to ordinary riders. They’ve been in the business for so many years now being the expert and leader in providing high quality motorcycles and its accessories. They also have the latest and fashionable accessories designed to every client’s need. Riders acquired goldwing parts were guaranteed total satisfaction considering that every product offered were made with highest quality standards. Thus, for your bikes and motorcycle essentials, visit goldwingcountry.com. Try it…


From the history of wikipedia.org, "Father's Day is a celebration inaugurated in the early twentieth century to complement Mother's Day in celebrating fatherhood and male parenting, and to honor and commemorate fathers and forefathers. Father's Day is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide and typically involves gift-giving, special dinners to fathers, and family-oriented activities.

The first observance of Father's Day is believed to have been held on June 19, 1910 through Sonora Dodd's efforts of Spokane.

Sonora Smart Dodd of Washington thought independently of the holiday one Sunday in 1909 while listening to a Mother's Day sermon at the Central Methodist Episcopal Church at Spokane,and she arranged a tribute for her father on June 19, 1910. She was the first to solicit the idea of having an official Father's Day observance to honor all fathers.

It took many years to make the holiday official. In spite of support from the YWCA, the YMCA and churches, it ran the risk of disappearing from the calendar. Where Mother's Day was met with enthusiasm, Father's Day was met with laughter. The holiday was gathering attention slowly, but for the wrong reasons. It was the target of much satire, parody and derision, including jokes from the local newspaper Spokesman-Review. Many people saw it as just the first step in filling the calendar with mindless promotions like "Grandparents' Day", "Professional Secretaries' Day", etc., all the way down to "National Clean Your Desk Day."

A bill was introduced in 1913, US President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea in 1924,[citation needed] and a national committee was formed in the 1930s by trade groups in order to legitimize the holiday. It was made a federal holiday when President Lyndon Johnson issued a proclamation in 1966.

In addition to Father's Day, International Men's Day is celebrated in many countries, most often on November 19."

I wondered before when this celebration started and so I tried to research and found these articles. It is indeed an outstanding thought to give importance and a special day to our dear fathers.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Bedding

To have a very loving and caring husband makes me the luckiest person in earth. We have been married for almost a year now, actually, this coming July will be our Anniversary. I am very glad to have him in my life. Many a times, I kneel down and thank God for giving him in me, for the chance and for the opportunity of knowing each other. I am very blessed indeed.

Right now, what we are praying is of course to have a baby. We believe and understand that God has the perfect timing and reason for everything. And so we are excited and happy to have a baby soon. That will be a special gift and blessing for us.

Babies just bring big SMILE and happiness to everyone. They are angels and precious jewels that need to be loved and taken cared of. They are a source of joy in the family and so, we have to consider and make sure that we have what they need. They have to be comfortable and safe in all times. They have to be healthy and secure. One consideration that we have to focus is the Baby Bedding. This is the place where the baby sleeps and where the baby spends most of his time. In these reasons, best quality materials and accessories are in need. Now who can give us the best baby element. Babybeddingpalace.com can and has a lot to offer. They have a variety of designs that you can choose from. To mention, their Baby Bedding sets are incredible and awesome. It is in different layouts and colors. Everything are just lovely.

Dying Fish

My husband and I are worried about the fishes in our fish tank. We don't have any clue why the fishes are dying. Just the other week, my husband bought 10 small fishes in it coz the old ones died already so we replaced a new one. But right now, out of 10, we just have one left. Well, we have janitor fish and those are the ones who survived. There is really a problem and we hope we know. My husband is telling me that maybe I overfed them or if not, the leftover food is the reason for that. We notice that the pebbles as well as the rocks and the other stuffs are changing color...they become rusty. My husband said that there is a cleaner for that which made me happy. Hopefully, we can have it soon to clean everything and change the water too. Luckily, we still have another fish tank that entertained us. They are in good condition and hopefully, they will continue to be healthy.


When it comes to decision making, sometimes we need experts to consult in order to come up with a sound, effectual, timely and decisive decisions. In weighty situations like buying or selling properties, more often we get ideas and informations from the members of the family. However, we are doubtful with the result. This is because like us, their knowledge on buying and selling properties will circumscribe just within the basic and expectedly, estimates will result to either too big or too small.

To rescue you from making such miscalculations, you need Austin Home Inspection Service. They will take care every details of your properties from floor to ceiling, piping’s, wirings and many other important things inside and out to come up with the best deal. Its worry free because Austin Home Inspection is very proficient in dealing with their clients need focusing on the critical areas that should not be taken for granted.

They specialize too in Phase Inspection, Pool and Spa Inspections and other services related to their expertise. All queries are answered by skilled personnel in a very friendly manner. Their service is available 7 days a week patterned to every client’s desired time. Their expertise and credentials are truly amazing giving each customers detailed reports emphasizing on the value of the investment. For delicate transactions, don’t just estimate, look for bestaustinhomeinspection.com. They will assist you to arrive with the precise price and a good deal.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The one who kneels to the Lord can stand up to anything!

I am feeling low right now and so I find words of encouragements. I am thankful that I found this poem from positivethoughts.com. It reminds me again of how great God is. I hope you will like the poem just like the way I do. God bless everyone.

It's in The Valleys I grow

It's In The Valleys I Grow.
Sometimes life seems hard to bear,
Full of sorrow, trouble and woe.
It's then I have to remember
That it's in the valleys I grow.

If I always stayed on the mountain top
And never experienced pain,
I would never appreciate God's love
And would be living in vain.

I have so much to learn
And my growth is very slow,
Sometimes I need the mountain tops,
But, it's in the valleys I grow.

I do not always understand
Why things happen as they do,
But I am very sure of one thing.
My Lord will see me through.

My little valleys are nothing
When I picture Christ on the cross.
He went through the valley of death;
His victory was Satan's loss.

Forgive me Lord, for complaining
When I'm feeling so very low.
Just give me a gentle reminder
That it's in the valleys I grow.

Continue to strengthen me, Lord
And use my life each day
To share your love with others
And help them find their way.

Thank you for valleys, Lord
For this one thing I know,
The mountain tops are glorious
But, it's in the valleys I grow!


The shortest distance between a problem and a solution
is the distance between your knees and the floor.
The one who kneels to the Lord can stand up to anything!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


When we started to work and settle of our own, one of our aspirations is to buy house and lot because these are necessities aside from car. We planned of having a very beautiful house that we can be proud of and shared with to our friends, family, officemates, neighbors and even to unexpected visitors. We're so detailed to the construction of our dream house, from the interior designs, selection of furnitures and even to the last pieces that we put in the windows. Our desire is to preserve the way it is from generation to generations. However, with the fast turn-around of our technologies today, we’re persuaded, confused...changing our mind more often and ride on to everyday innovations. To help you decide as well as to satisty your eagerness to diversify your existing residence to a fresh and fashionable home, Rochester Remodeling is the perfect contractor. They are known for its quality service and very efficient in accomplishing each project with diligence. They guide each customer in financial aspect giving the best package saving your time and money with the great home improvements you wanted. No doubt, Rochester remodeling are the best and in demand nowadays and will remain very stable because many homeowners today opted to go remodeling contract with Rochester. Why not try upgrading your home. No budget? Just go find the rochesterremodeling.biz, they might be the answer to your yearning for a new, unique and ultramodern abode.


Ijust miss my sister very much.. and right now i know she is in the church...besides i just want to say Happy Sabbath Sis.....Miss you so much.......Love you....Hope everything is okey there.....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shop at Shopwiki

Buying online is now a talk of a lot of people because of the convenience it offers. “With a good judgment and little time of browsing, buying via internet can help you save precious time and money”. These are words from my husband since he usually buy things in the internet. He is a very busy person and since shopping online is 24/7, he can spend the free time he has to sit down figuring out what he needs. Car parts are the usual that he ordered , could be the interior or exterior parts, the other one is computer. Actually, our laptop was ordered online and we have it for more than three years now. It is still perfect and performing an excellent job. My husband loves to read books too and so now we have a lot of books that are purchased online.

There are other things in our home that was acquired online. It is because we appreciate the fact that we can sit down and relax at home sharing the moments with the family instead of shopping with the crowds that make you stressful many times. It makes you free from parking and waiting in the line too.

As I said earlier, good judgment is needed in buying online and as a longtime online buyer, shopwiki .com is a good place to shop. They have almost anything and everything…clothing, electronics,computers, books, games, food & beverages, collectibles and memorabilia, arts and crafts and many more. Name it and they have it. With these, it means great deals and savings.

One item that caught my attention is the "Gears of War Bundle" that include Xbox 360 system. This is good idea for game fanatic. When you buy it, wireless controller, play & a charge kit is included. If you want to make it more elegant and sophisticated, they have accessories too to select from. That’s how big and convenient their shop is.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Unexpected Call!

Yesterday, I was so very happy because my sister-in-law called unexpected. She invited me to go with them in their vacation to South Dakota. It is a one week vacation with the siblings of my husband. Surely it will be a fun week specially so that Mount Rushmore will be one of their stopping area. It is one of my dreams to be there to see the colossal statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. Now is the time since it is all expense free. I am excited...indeed excited.

Unfortunately, my husband cannot go because he do not have enough vacation day in his work anymore. His vacation time was reserved in the Worldwide Camporee in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this August. Others were spent in important events.

I wish to say yes to my sister-in-law but since my husband can't go, I decided to decline her offer. I just thank her for the opportunity and appreciate her for her kindness and love to me. I believe there will be next time...


One of the most interesting things to do is biking especially when we have days to rest from our hectic and stressful work. It’s worth remembering our younger years when our parents gave us a little bike. Learning to bike alone was our goal then... to feel independent and free that sometimes we endure the bruises just to learn how to bike. A great experience that we will never forget specially during the times that we started to learn the pedaling and the balancing part.

Most people today know how to travel by bicycle particularly in Asian countries. It’s one of their means of transportation; going to school, reporting to office, going to market and even just strolling around with friends. The Electric Bike is helpful to economy by promoting cost savings to riders in terms of gasoline consumptions as well as providing a good and healthy environment. Engaging in biking is a form of good exercise too bringing out body sweat from burned stored fats. Strolling through the use of bikes give us total relaxation enabling us to cope up for another stressful work week.

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With the fast facing trends today, we should be wise in buying through investment in quality products like Electric Bikes . It’s a lifetime opportunity to have such kind of bike and it’s worth an asset. Give yourself a reward and get the latest model of Electric Bicycle . It’s a healthy option financially, physically and environmentally.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My bestfriend

I feel so blessed and happy today because of a very special reason...I was able to talk to one of my bestfriends . His name is Raymund Louie Rapadas now living and working in Saudi Arabia. I am glad that we had a blissful and enjoying moments when we were together, more than enough to make my day bright when I remember meaningful days in the Philippines.

I met him while working at the Intellectual Property Office in year 1999 month of July. I remembered, I started working one week ahead of him but since we were both in Accounting department, we became close friends. He was my witness to every failures and successes in life I had…and I will say that I became his witness too in his progress and career development in life. At first, there was situation that was confusing about him but thankfully that he made it cleared about it and with that, I understand him more.

I admire him in many ways. He is indeed a true friend and he proved that many times to me. Sometimes, we differed in beliefs, methodology and approach in life but the respect , appreciation and consideration being a friend binded us together. Being honest with one another to situations beating us down make us way to help eachother more in facing difficulties and challenges.

I remember that in m y life, I made wrong decisions…wrong decisions . With care and concern, he was there fervently and frankly expressing his thoughts . If he thinks that I am wrong, then I am wrong and he will insist it letting me know that I am very wrong. With these, I had the chance of reevaluating things and make it right. Sometimes, I am hardheaded that it took long period of time for me to realize his food for thoughts. It feels funny to remember those things now because I became stubborn many times and with those situations, he straightened me up many times too.

I am very thankful to him. He stayed by me in happy and tearful moments. He became my light when the sun is nowhere to be found. I am very proud of my friend.

More about him, he is very successful in his career now. He has a stable big earning job somewhere in Saudi Arabia. He said that this December, he is planning to have a vacation in the Philippines. I just hope and pray that one day, we will meet again together with my dear friends in the Intellectual Property Philippines. I Love and miss you my friend.

Dental Care

Dental care is very important aspect of life. It should be taken cared of the same way we treated our physical health. Attention for dental is necessary for all ages…young and old because it leads you to a healthier and happy life.

In my earlier part of life, I ignore the importance of a healthy teeth. That means that I went to the Dentist just sometime when it was in need. Those times were when I can’t bear and tolerate the pain anymore. Unfortunately, the damage has been done and I was very late for choices or possibilities of recovering some of my teeth. Had it not been for my neglect and laxness, I still have my complete healthy white teeth.

Cleaning through brushing, regular use of dental floss and antiseptic mouth rinse will help a lot but it is not enough and it is not as efficient of having a regular dental check up.

Concerning dental health, Dentist Katy Texas or Welch Dental Group can help you. They accept large number of insurance plans, accepts kids as little as 3 years old for check up and offers very competitive fees. If you are Spanish-speaking, they have staffs to translate it for you. They provide treatment for most of your dental needs and when it comes to the quality of services, you don’t have to worry because their team has almost one hundred years of combined dental experience with a state-of-the-art-facility. They are all committed to providing patients with the best smile possible.

Food for thought for the Day

"For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible,...everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him. Colosians 1:16"

I like this verse for today. It helped me understand my purpose of being here on this earth...its not about me but all about Him. Accourding to Rick Warren in his book Purpose Driven Life, The purpose of your life is greater than your own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, or even your happiness. It is far greater than your family, your career, or even your wildest dreams and ambitions. If you want to know why you were placed on this planet, you must begin with God. You were born by His purpose and for His purpose.

The search for the purpose of life has puzzled people for thousand of years. That is because we typically begin at the wrong starting point-ourselves. WE ask self-centered questions like what I watn to be? What should I do with my life? What are my goals, my ambitions, my dreams for my future? But focusing on ourselves will never reveal our lifes purpose. The Bible says, "It is God who directs the lives of His creatures; everyones life is in His power"

I am very happy to know that God is in control of our lives. With that, we are safe and surely in good hands.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Payday Loan

Life is beautiful when situations favor you all the time. It is great when you have everything you need… big home, loving family, healthy body, caring friends and stable job. With these, we hope that life will stay as excellent as it is. But we know that situations change. Sometimes unfortunately, it comes and it happens when we don’t expect it. It seems that everything is perfect in life but all of a sudden things are changing.

It is very true specially when it comes to financial matters. When you are not careful, you will be surprised that you don’t have any penny in your wallet anymore. But do not panic. It is but normal. Most of the people are experiencing the same. But if you need a cash right away, I have a good idea for you. Pay Day Loan is your help because that is their specialty. They give you a speedy process of money when you need it without any hassle or long waiting periods. You can apply and be approved in just a minute and can have the cash you need right away. Their services are available nationwide and anytime.

Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood

I became a regular viewer of the new show Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. At first, I was interested just to know more about the life of Tori Spelling because I am a fan of her before but the moment I watched their show, I was inspired by the love they had as a family, as husband and wife. They had an extraordinary, sweet and happy life together. I admire them a lot because their family is their priority, that even they are both busy with businesses, social activities and the like, they managed their lives cheerfully with so much affection, commitment, respect and love. I just hope that the love they have right now as a family stays forever.

Alloy Steel is a trusted material

My mother-in-law gave me a tour in a private lake here in Nebraska. It was so beautiful. I admire the lake so much. The surroundings are just amazing because it is maintained by the people living there. You feel relax and fresh just by enjoying the spectacular view of the water and the environment. Surrounding the lake are gorgeous and big houses in different designs. My mom said that it was Millionaires place. We took time admiring the houses and from there, I had the thinking of how technology changed a lot of things. Before, it took forever constructing a house or a building but today, you can have what you want quickly with quality and best results.

With all of these advancements, there are many components to give credit to. They played an important role in having a strong, high quality buildings and houses. One of the components I will give focus is the Alloy Steel. If you decide to have a house or a building with a steel structure, alloy steel will just be anywhere and it is a good decision. It makes the structure very strong and secure.

Out from Alloy Steel, there are lots of brilliant and genius inventions you can make. It is a trusted material that is sought and used by aerospace, marine and aircraft industries. It is known for its durability and strength that you can really depend on. That is why it is in high demand everywhere. The market reached billions and billions of sale each year on this.

If you want to know more about Alloy Steel or you need services on this, Advance Global Materials can help you because this is their specialty. Among their services are saw cutting, Milling, grinding, custom sizes, shearing, welding, forging and flame cutting.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Second Coming of Christ

If you will notice, my Bible verse for today is found in Revelation 21:2-4. It says, “I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, "Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

It is about the second coming of Christ. Many of us are waiting for this big event and I hope soon. Situations here on earth are becoming dreadful and its good to be in Heaven because in the verse it says, "There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order things has passed away". Amazing isn't it and for that I want Him to come soon. Let us all be ready all the time so that when he comes, surely we will be with Him in Heaven.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Make Maxpedition your partner

Summer is the best time to go out for outdoor activities. It is the best season to go out for camping, mountain and rock climbing or rafting and the like with family and friends. When I was in the Philippines, I was a member of a backpacking organization. We went out mountain climbing during holidays and vacation time. It was fun and enjoying but was not simple when it comes to preparation of things. Actually we had a workshop and seminar in backpacking because it plays an important role to make the activity more easy and enjoying. One of the significant considerations is choosing the highest quality materials when it comes to buying of backpacks or other things you need for outdoor activities. And for that, Maxpedition is the outstanding gear you need. They are well known of fabricating hard-use military specification nylon gear with variety of designs and in highest quality of materials. Maxpedition has become self-demanding because of its growth in international reputation. You can expect the best from them.

TV Programs

As of the moment, I am watching "My Redneck Wedding". It was so funny that my husband laughs so loud. The time is 1:11 a.m. and we need to go to bed soon. A little bit earlier, we were watching "Ice Road Truckers" in Alaska and it was amazing to see the rivers/lakes or ocean converted into a road. The drivers were so skillful that they can manage to drive the icy and dangerous road going to other parts of Alaska.

We became interested watching the "Deadliest Catch" too. It was situated still in Alaska and it was amazing to see the catching of king crabs...

Ira Riklis, the Producer

I just finished watching the trailer of the movie Lemon Tree and I find it so interesting. It was produced outstandingly and for sure will captivate and touch the hearts of the people. After seeing it, I invited my husband to see the trailer once again and he finds it so amazing. We don’t know of where we can get a copy of the Lemon tree, we don’t have an idea of when it was made but one thing we are sure we will going to get a copy of it. It was heartbreaking but impressive. Thanks to Ira Riklis, the co-producer of the Lemon Tree for sharing with us through a movie the bravery of the Palestinian widow who defended her Lemon Tree Field against the threats of tearing it down.

For more information about Ira Riklis, He is the principal of the Sutherland Capital Management, Inc. involved in the home-security market based in New York City. He is the chairman of C.O.P.S. Monitoring, a company that provides alarm monitoring services to more than 3,100 independent alarm dealers. He has invested in many companies that make him so successful that gave him ways to help and support the Tel Aviv Foundation providing schools for kids. Like the foundation, Ira Riklis is responsive and purposeful in making the future better for everyone.

Drivers License

Finally, after failing three times, I passed and got my Drivers License. Thanks to my Mother-in-Law. She was the one who inspired me and pushed me to be able to have the Drivers License. It was not easy actually. Everytime, I was tested, I felt so nervous. Things are just different here in US but I appreciate it a lot.

The the other day, It was Friday when I went out of the house driving alone. I will never forget the feeling. I felt nervous but I believe it was a normal feeling for every first timer. I went to the house of Ate Melfa. We went out for a walk that afternoon in Homes Lake. It was fun and a great day for me.

Online Survey will help you!

I had a work experience for almost 12 years. I started working part time in a family owned business when I was in second year college and then shifted my career working in Asian Bank after my graduation. In year 1999, I became interested to work in a government office so I tried submitting applications to government agencies. I was accepted right away and was given a stable and good earning job. With the happy and helping atmosphere in that office, I became an employee for almost nine years. If I would not have moved here in US, I am employed still in this company.

My work focused on Accounting areas and with that, you will know informations on many things. I remembered that our office started just from around one hundred employees but now it became 300 almost. And from there, we encountered difficulties in managing the office. One of the management strategies was hiring expert individuals teaching and sharing us techniques and ways to ensure that services are served with quality and commitment. It was a big help but I remembered that the cost of hiring expert people were so expensive. There are many areas in our office that need help and so they have to hire different individuals to give a solution to it and with that, it has a corresponding fee that makes it very costly.
Online Survey gave me insights on Employee Performance Management aiming to give customer satisfaction at lost cost. It was amazing and very interesting to know because you can save so many things. Well the first one is that you can save money because they gave an overall excellent business management package. Second, you can save time because they give clear, precise and working ideas to make your business successful. Third, you can save effort because they have friendly support team that will assist and help you in any way they can and many more…

Try to read more articles in Online Survey. They are the best.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My first Birthday Celebration here in US!

Like most of the people, I am always excited with the first time events. And since I am new here in US, almost everything are so exciting and I am happy and curious to know. I shared to you some and I decided to share to you too my birthday...how it went and how I was surprised.

Well, few days before my birthday, I am telling my husband that I am very happy even we will not go out anymore to eat in a fine restaurant or go out for fun. In that way, we can save money. He is a very loving and responsible husband and thats a special gift more than enough for me.

Then my birthday came. My husband greeted me early morning a happy bday and that was so special to me. He bought flowers for me and of course a musical card. My friend Maemae arrived at home and we baked Cassava Cake, a Filipino food and do some other stuffs the whole day. It was a happy day. When my husband arrived from work, he told me to go somewhere...and then in the end, i noticed we're on our way to his parents house. I was surprised that every member of the family were there and they greeted me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was touched so much touched specially so that the food they prepared were all Asian Food. They made a special cake for me too with 32 candles. I realized I am old now because of those candles...they're many and it took me three attempts before I blew it all...

One of the special special and touching moments was when Mom gave a special prayer for me and she said to God that they were all happy as a family that God sent me to be part of their family. I felt so special on that night. I thanked God too for having them in my life. They are my new family here...so much loving and caring. Most of all, I thank God for giving me a husband so thoughtful, loving and responsible.

Monday, May 11, 2009


The famous diseases of mosquito bites are malaria and West Nile virus. A simple bite will lead a victim to very critical and fatal conditions that need to be hospitalized immediately to save from possible death. The patients suffering from mosquito bites endure physical pains that sometimes undergo blood transfusions, series of laboratory blood tests, and also incurred a lot of money. It’s very hard to avoid the mosquito bites because they attack unnoticed especially during summer. Mosquitoes stay inside and outside of our home. They could double their population easily and attack person; male, female, babies, young, old at anytime and anywhere. These harmful insects might be in our surrounding and we should not take it for granted for tomorrow might be too late. With these present financial difficulties, we need to be wise in saving our lives as well as our money. Spraying is not enough to guarantee safety outdoor; as such for families that spend precious time in the porch or in the yard for bonding and playing with loved ones, it’s necessary to know the mosquito magnet reviews . This will not ruin our summer plans giving us peace of mind knowing that each member of the family is safe all day long.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My first Spring Season here in US!

Like in Fall and Snow season, I am so much excited of how the Spring look like. In Fall, I enjoyed watching the changing of colors and the falling of leaves like in the picture below,

In snow time, I enjoyed playing with the snow as well as the cold

and this Spring, I wonder of what will be the surprise. Well, I am lucky to have the opportunity to see the growing tulips and they are just anywhere added with the flowering trees. They are so pretty and amazing. God is indeed so good and great creating these things to give us peace and joy in our hearts. It seems that everyday, with their charm and beauty, they praise God for His goodness.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


After 6 years of marriage of my sister, God gave them a precious gift, a very handsome and cute boy named Cherub Kranz , his four years old now. I saw their disappointment every time their work-ups failed, but with prayers here comes CK. All of us in the house were very happy that we really feel the importance of the baby. I was part of his growing up from day one to 4 years old especially when he got sick. When I got home from office, I make sure I had pack of diapers because the baby is always wet and we kept on changing to avoid rashes as well as to make the baby comfortable. At night he cried and cried and sometimes, I woke up and take care of him allowing my sister to have a nap. We have no choice at daytime; he was at nanny’s custody because all of us in the house were working nevertheless making sure to be at home early before he slept at night. First year was very hard for all of us in the house; we’re all awake at night. When he was two years old, it’s getting harder especially when he started walking. He became bigger and heavier that sometimes I cannot lift him up. My sister did not able to buy stroller believing that the baby would become closer and closer every time his in our arms; and I think she’s right, becase he is very sweet and much attached to us. Every year consumptions grow bigger too and budget is always at stake. But they manage to survive by adopting the cost cutting scheme. No outdoor activities, no outside dinner and many other personal sacrifices just for baby’s needs. No regrets because as early as he learned to talk, he started to sing and even created a sound of his own. He is four years old now and singing at the pulpit with minus one is his favorite. It really pays the effort of his parents during pregnancy - engaging in singing activities and listening to music while sleeping. I don’t know if my sisters’ ideas were right maybe it’s an instinct or learned from the experiences of others. I just wish that she learned the parenting . I’m very sure that she will benefit more specially on growing up toddlers. No more superstitious belief, no more experiment but real advices from the experts.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Area Camporee in Kansas

Today, I mostly spending my time preparing things for our Area Camporee in Kansas. We will be leaving tomorrow at exactly 9:00 in the morning plus tonight, we will be shopping for camping needs so I have to finish packing before noon. I forgot my camera card in my last camping and so this time, I really have to make sure that I have everything...hehehehe...Kansas is about 3 to 4 hours away from here and I am excited. I don't know yet of what group I will be handling...I wish its the Friends group but its fine with me if it will be the Ranger girls again. I enjoyed being with them though sometimes...specially during sleeping time, they had difficulty in making themselves behave...they want to talk and talk and have fun...I like that but its sleeeping time already so they have to respect others that are already sleeping. Have a great day everyone.


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Spring Camping Preparation

I am excited with the Spring Camping because I wasn't able to join them in Winter Campout. I wish I was able to but i really cant bear the cold and so I just waited this spring to be able to join them. I prepared and packed our things ahead of time and so I am thinking that I am very ready and I will not forget things. My husband has a different bag of his own and so I am figuring it out that I am not missing anything. Everything went fine...we arrived the camping site a bit late coz my husband has to take a shower first after work but situations did favor us. I met my group and had fun with the kids. One thing that I am making sure in activities like this is to bring a camera with me and yes i have it but when I am about to take pictures, my camera card was not in it. I left it at my laptop. I can use the internal memory of it but it was full and i dont want to erase it and so I felt sad. I talked to my husband and he just said, well...thats nice. He just gave me a hug and said just bring it next time. So maybe I will just have a copy of the pictures taken by some of my friends.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Travel to Hawaii

One of my biggest dreams is to visit and enjoy the outstanding and remarkable place of Hawaii. Because of its grandeur and brilliance, I believe that it is a desire of everyone…to have a quality time in Hawaii. It is such an amazing place for me perfect location to spend time with my loved ones. Like the immediate reactions of people, their excitement, happiness, overwhelming feeling of just hearing the words “vacation in Hawaii”, it is exactly the same ardor that I feel everytime I see Hawaii informations or Hawaii advertisements. The enthusiasm and eagerness of being able to visit and experience myself the enticing and stunning adventures that the place can offer.

However, Hawaii Travel could be costly if you are not planned ahead of time. It could be overwhelming too if you don’t have the informations you need. But don’t you worry. I have a good news to help you. BestonHawaii.com has everything. They have the informations about Hawaii and the complete list of Tours you want with the corresponding price in it. You can get a reservation online anytime or you may call them if you have more questions about the place. Before, I am thinking that the price in every activity or tours that you want are very expensive but I am wrong. Check out the prices and you will be amazed by it. It is so cheap…very affordable. They have almost everything that you need wherever and whatever interest you are in. They have Tour categories in different islands that you can select with plus informations that will be helpful to you when you are there.

People are so warm and friendly in Hawaii added with their beautiful mountains and beaches and fascinating activities will complete your vacation with a big smile. Get reservation now.

Spring Camping

We just had a Spring Camping in the Woodland Acre. It started last Friday and it ends yesterday. For all the campouts that I have attended with, the last one was the best and the camping that I enjoyed very much. It rained the first evening but it went fine the next day. I was the counselor of the Ranger girls and I stayed in their tent the whole camping activities. One of the reasons why I like the camping very much was that the kids are the one who prepared their own food...breakfast, lunch and supper and it was amazing to see them working.

I thought, at first, the ladies will not like me as their counselor but i guess in the end they appreciate my presence. I dont know them much becuase I am always with Friends group but I am thankful that I have that ample time of knowing them. I enjoyed sharing happy moments with them and hopefully that will be a beginning of a good friendly relationship.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Small House Plans

When it comes to buying houses, most people are very particular in terms of location, design, areas, style, environment and total cost. It’s a lot of consideration making sure that every cost counts that the new home investment is worth living for. With these present financial difficulties, obtaining a big dream house is still very possible with Small House Plans. For the reason that everything you thought for a house is their major concerns. They have detailed and impeccable plans that best fit client’s desire. Small House Plans offer variety of services from planning, designing, interior, lighting, and others thus creating an absolute and quality house for the whole family. Visiting their website www.esmallhouseplan.com is fascinating providing the visitors innovational ideas applicable to both big and small families insomuch as budget is at stake. They could thoroughly design an eco friendly homes that are in limited spaces but will feel like as if in a bigger one in terms of design and creativity giving importance to value of money. They features variety of house plans like nest, lake boat, introvert and others for customers choices and always ready to create a new and excellent house as per ideas and suggestions from valued audience. Small House Plans consider the importance of healthy family preserving values and lifestyle, that’s why they make certain that every house they build is eco friendly generating a green and fresh ambiance. From outside to inside, floors to ceiling, walls to windows; all were designed for total enjoyment and satisfaction of every member of the family. There’s so much to offer in Small House Plans anytime, anywhere promoting fulfillment to everyone lives. Be inspired…be inventive…be unique… be practical and be amaze with their unimaginable business.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Couples Workshop

Yesterday, a family friend of ours invited us to attend the couples workshop that will be held here in Lincoln for three consecutive days. It has a fee for $300 each couple and we will be staying in one hotel i guess for the workshop duration. At first, we are not interested because we usually spent the weekend resting but since our family friend insisted, maybe we will consider of going. I hope my friend Michelle will go.

Anyways, Michelle, Wayne her husband, me and Monte overstayed in the church coz it seems our talk is never ending. I am happy though to have a friend like them. I hope they will not change.


In the place where I have been, cellphone is so much necessary. And so almost all the people have cellphones even the elementary kids. Now that I’m here in United States, things are the same. Cellphones are necessity and so most of the people are using it too. I am so thankful that we have this kind of technology being able to talk to our loved ones anywhere…even when they are at the other side of the world with just a phone call away. Actually to me, it became one of the most appreciated things because it served and became my way of knowing and communicating with my husband when I am still in our country. Now we are together.

I remembered when I arrived here, cellphone was the first gift he gaved me and of course when it comes to cellphones bestincellphones.com is the site you can visit. They have many cellphones to choose from. It is one-stop shop that has the newest, freshest and best cell phone deals online. They have also the biggest selection of free cellphones and one of those is the Verizon cell phones where you can get instant saving online. Actually, verizon is one of the cellphones that is well used here in our place because of their best service and they are reliable. They have a quality products too and they continue to introduce innovative technology solutions.

Verizon is just one of bestincellphones.com products. Exploring it will show you to other exciting products. If you want to get more savings, they have family plans that you can choose. All you will do is visit and check out their offerings. It is very affordable and with the best of quality.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My nephews and Nieces

My nephews and nieces are the people so dear to me that I really miss at this point. I miss them so badly specially my nephew CK. I wish I am with them now.
I am so thankful that when I have time spending with them in the Philippines, I spent it with them in the best that I can. I have lots and lots of happy memories with them…spending funny and happy times together in many places that they wanted…ice skating in ice skating rink in Mega Mall, KFC at Centerpoint and Mall of Asia (actually many KFC places because that is our favorite foodchain), strolling in Adventist University of the Philippines and in SSD and more places… I wish and pray that all of them can be here in my place now. That could be possible but it will take time but still with their perseverance and commitment in their schooling, they will be here and be together again one day. I will wait for this day.

Building and Inspecion Reports

An idea of buying a house is a happy and exciting feeling. Of course that is because living in your own home is something meaningful and special. It will give you peace of mind, convenience and comfort because it is your own home. To newly wed like me and if you are taking into account of buying a house for a home, what are your lists of considerations. Are you confused or busy and don’t have time to think about it? Do not worry because Childprosperityinspection.com.au will give you the detailed information you need as well as their extensive knowledge in a form of professional reports. Through them, you will know if a house is worthpurchasing…what are the necessary actions or decisions you will make if the team handed you their finished inspection results. They are the experts when it comes to building and pest inspections and so you don’t have to worry. Their experience in business was proven already and became the largest, most reputable inspection company in NSW.

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Live long, happy and contented in the place where you can call home through childprosperityinspection.com.au.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Omaha Zoo

Last night we slept so late in the evening already...actually early morning at about 3in the morning because we prepared the lunch food of Pathfinders. This whole day we went to Omaha Zoo to study and earn two honors...the amphibians and the cacti. Omaha is not that far...just about 1.5 hours away here in Lincoln and so we left about 10am...a bit late actually but I think things went well. I like the Desert Dome and the Aquarium area. I was reminded with our place in the Philippines, our humble province Romblon. We live just 15 minutes walk away from seashore and coral reef and it is feels good to see again those amazing creatures under the sea. I will share to you some pictures I took in the coral reef in our place, Romblon.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


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Friday, March 20, 2009

Ranger Station

In our trip to Colorado, I will not forget the Ranger Station. It is the best place to view the magnificent landscape of mountains and trees. Its the perfect place to see the nearby snowcapped mountains. We went up the mountain with a great day...warm and sunny and yet the snow up in the mountain is not melting and its beautiful to see. Just that you will experience altitude sickness while ascending because of its high altitude and so we force ourselves to yawn or chew gums. We did enjoyed a lot.