Monday, January 19, 2009

Thank God for giving me wonderful gifts through my Husband and friends

I was so busy the previous days and even today and so I decided not to go anywhere...i just stay home and slept a little longer. This mornning, when I woke up, I had fun with the fish, flowered the plants and fed the squirrel. I was so exhausted and tired before but today, i had a refreshing day. It is like I am fully charged again with enough strength in facing this week challenges. It feels good too to be able to talk to my friend Michelle. Even if I am alone at home in some of my time, I felt cheered up and inspired by her. We talk a lot through cellphone or through net like she is just around the house. I feel blessed to have her as my best friend.

Last Saturday Evening, We had a great time. We had a party and the whole family of my husband arrived for his birthday. We had a memorable moment. I am so happy that I met his nephews and nieces again... his brothers and sis and brother in law. Mom and Dad is not around in Lincoln for now because they are in Florida until April maybe. We enjoyed the moment being together...had fun with movies and food. Actually, Montes family went home at around 2:30 early morning. What a great evening. I observed my husband that night and he was very happy specially when he blew the candles in the cake. What a special moment for him and for the family and for that I am very happy too.

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Mitch said...

Be lated happy birthday sorry for not attending.busy kasi ang beauty namin heheee.