Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Glacier View Ranch, Colorado

Last Friday, my husband and I and his bestfriend Cris went to Colorado for a weekend vacation. We went to Glacier View Ranch and there I enjoyed so much. The snow capped mountain and the towering rocks were so amazing. In the morning of Saturday, we attended the Sabbath Worship and in the afternoon, we hiked the rocky mountain called the Devil-bath-Tub. The scenes up in the mountain was stunning. I wish I can stay the whole evening in the summit savoring the beauty and wonders of the surroundings. It felt like I am in the Philippines again climbing mountain and enjoying the charm of Gods creation. It took us almost half day in hiking and climbing and it was a wonderful experience specially so that I am with my husband and a dear friend. I wish to be able to go back again coz anywere there is spectacular and breathtaking.


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Borneo Falcon said...

I agree with you. This place is simply breathtaking