Sunday, March 22, 2009

Omaha Zoo

Last night we slept so late in the evening already...actually early morning at about 3in the morning because we prepared the lunch food of Pathfinders. This whole day we went to Omaha Zoo to study and earn two honors...the amphibians and the cacti. Omaha is not that far...just about 1.5 hours away here in Lincoln and so we left about 10am...a bit late actually but I think things went well. I like the Desert Dome and the Aquarium area. I was reminded with our place in the Philippines, our humble province Romblon. We live just 15 minutes walk away from seashore and coral reef and it is feels good to see again those amazing creatures under the sea. I will share to you some pictures I took in the coral reef in our place, Romblon.

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