Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Spring Camping Preparation

I am excited with the Spring Camping because I wasn't able to join them in Winter Campout. I wish I was able to but i really cant bear the cold and so I just waited this spring to be able to join them. I prepared and packed our things ahead of time and so I am thinking that I am very ready and I will not forget things. My husband has a different bag of his own and so I am figuring it out that I am not missing anything. Everything went fine...we arrived the camping site a bit late coz my husband has to take a shower first after work but situations did favor us. I met my group and had fun with the kids. One thing that I am making sure in activities like this is to bring a camera with me and yes i have it but when I am about to take pictures, my camera card was not in it. I left it at my laptop. I can use the internal memory of it but it was full and i dont want to erase it and so I felt sad. I talked to my husband and he just said, well...thats nice. He just gave me a hug and said just bring it next time. So maybe I will just have a copy of the pictures taken by some of my friends.


Sugar said...

hahaha ! as i mother i could relate to your situation. when it seems that you are very prepared, for sure there is a little detail that you missed. As for the camera moment, i once forgot the to charge the battery ! =)

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary!