Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Camping

We just had a Spring Camping in the Woodland Acre. It started last Friday and it ends yesterday. For all the campouts that I have attended with, the last one was the best and the camping that I enjoyed very much. It rained the first evening but it went fine the next day. I was the counselor of the Ranger girls and I stayed in their tent the whole camping activities. One of the reasons why I like the camping very much was that the kids are the one who prepared their own food...breakfast, lunch and supper and it was amazing to see them working.

I thought, at first, the ladies will not like me as their counselor but i guess in the end they appreciate my presence. I dont know them much becuase I am always with Friends group but I am thankful that I have that ample time of knowing them. I enjoyed sharing happy moments with them and hopefully that will be a beginning of a good friendly relationship.

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