Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ira Riklis, the Producer

I just finished watching the trailer of the movie Lemon Tree and I find it so interesting. It was produced outstandingly and for sure will captivate and touch the hearts of the people. After seeing it, I invited my husband to see the trailer once again and he finds it so amazing. We don’t know of where we can get a copy of the Lemon tree, we don’t have an idea of when it was made but one thing we are sure we will going to get a copy of it. It was heartbreaking but impressive. Thanks to Ira Riklis, the co-producer of the Lemon Tree for sharing with us through a movie the bravery of the Palestinian widow who defended her Lemon Tree Field against the threats of tearing it down.

For more information about Ira Riklis, He is the principal of the Sutherland Capital Management, Inc. involved in the home-security market based in New York City. He is the chairman of C.O.P.S. Monitoring, a company that provides alarm monitoring services to more than 3,100 independent alarm dealers. He has invested in many companies that make him so successful that gave him ways to help and support the Tel Aviv Foundation providing schools for kids. Like the foundation, Ira Riklis is responsive and purposeful in making the future better for everyone.

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