Thursday, May 14, 2009

My first Birthday Celebration here in US!

Like most of the people, I am always excited with the first time events. And since I am new here in US, almost everything are so exciting and I am happy and curious to know. I shared to you some and I decided to share to you too my it went and how I was surprised.

Well, few days before my birthday, I am telling my husband that I am very happy even we will not go out anymore to eat in a fine restaurant or go out for fun. In that way, we can save money. He is a very loving and responsible husband and thats a special gift more than enough for me.

Then my birthday came. My husband greeted me early morning a happy bday and that was so special to me. He bought flowers for me and of course a musical card. My friend Maemae arrived at home and we baked Cassava Cake, a Filipino food and do some other stuffs the whole day. It was a happy day. When my husband arrived from work, he told me to go somewhere...and then in the end, i noticed we're on our way to his parents house. I was surprised that every member of the family were there and they greeted me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was touched so much touched specially so that the food they prepared were all Asian Food. They made a special cake for me too with 32 candles. I realized I am old now because of those candles...they're many and it took me three attempts before I blew it all...

One of the special special and touching moments was when Mom gave a special prayer for me and she said to God that they were all happy as a family that God sent me to be part of their family. I felt so special on that night. I thanked God too for having them in my life. They are my new family much loving and caring. Most of all, I thank God for giving me a husband so thoughtful, loving and responsible.


amiable amy said...

belated happy birthday...hehehe...may you have many more birthdays to come

yen said...

belated happy birthday to you