Saturday, May 2, 2009


After 6 years of marriage of my sister, God gave them a precious gift, a very handsome and cute boy named Cherub Kranz , his four years old now. I saw their disappointment every time their work-ups failed, but with prayers here comes CK. All of us in the house were very happy that we really feel the importance of the baby. I was part of his growing up from day one to 4 years old especially when he got sick. When I got home from office, I make sure I had pack of diapers because the baby is always wet and we kept on changing to avoid rashes as well as to make the baby comfortable. At night he cried and cried and sometimes, I woke up and take care of him allowing my sister to have a nap. We have no choice at daytime; he was at nanny’s custody because all of us in the house were working nevertheless making sure to be at home early before he slept at night. First year was very hard for all of us in the house; we’re all awake at night. When he was two years old, it’s getting harder especially when he started walking. He became bigger and heavier that sometimes I cannot lift him up. My sister did not able to buy stroller believing that the baby would become closer and closer every time his in our arms; and I think she’s right, becase he is very sweet and much attached to us. Every year consumptions grow bigger too and budget is always at stake. But they manage to survive by adopting the cost cutting scheme. No outdoor activities, no outside dinner and many other personal sacrifices just for baby’s needs. No regrets because as early as he learned to talk, he started to sing and even created a sound of his own. He is four years old now and singing at the pulpit with minus one is his favorite. It really pays the effort of his parents during pregnancy - engaging in singing activities and listening to music while sleeping. I don’t know if my sisters’ ideas were right maybe it’s an instinct or learned from the experiences of others. I just wish that she learned the parenting . I’m very sure that she will benefit more specially on growing up toddlers. No more superstitious belief, no more experiment but real advices from the experts.

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