Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dying Fish

My husband and I are worried about the fishes in our fish tank. We don't have any clue why the fishes are dying. Just the other week, my husband bought 10 small fishes in it coz the old ones died already so we replaced a new one. But right now, out of 10, we just have one left. Well, we have janitor fish and those are the ones who survived. There is really a problem and we hope we know. My husband is telling me that maybe I overfed them or if not, the leftover food is the reason for that. We notice that the pebbles as well as the rocks and the other stuffs are changing color...they become rusty. My husband said that there is a cleaner for that which made me happy. Hopefully, we can have it soon to clean everything and change the water too. Luckily, we still have another fish tank that entertained us. They are in good condition and hopefully, they will continue to be healthy.

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