Saturday, June 27, 2009

I miss my homechurch!

Back in my homecountry in the Philippines, i was a member of our church choir. I am happy and enjoying serving God through singing. I used to sing in the pulpit solo or with my friends and family. I miss those moments. I treasured it so much in my heart. Now, i still can sing but not in the church yet. If we have a special program in Home for the aged, I share Gods message through singing.

I am excited and happy to say that we are planning to form a Filipino singing group. It will be a trio with Ate Melfa and Ate Ferlie. They are great singers but right now, Ate Ferlie is still busy with her thesis. Maybe after that, we can sit down and learn songs for music ministry. We want to share Gods love through music and so it will be a priviledge for us to be used for the service of God.

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