Monday, July 20, 2009


Time is precious and sometimes we let this go unnoticed. With all our happiness and achivements in our lives, is God included in it? Do we spend ample time to say thank you or even praising His name? Just want to share the song I've learned back from my home church ..... and its nice to concentrate between lines taking it heartily...

I wonder have i done my best for Jesus
Who died upon the cruel tree
To think of His great sacrifice at Calvary
I know the Lord expect the best from me

How many are the lost that I have lifted
how many are the chained i help to free
I wonder have i done my best for Jesus
For He has done so much for me

The time that I have wasted are so many
The time I spend for Christ so few

Because of all my lack of love for Jesus
I've wonder if my heart is break'n too...

Yes, am guilty too about my time but its not yet too late to respond on it. God is very gracious that He understands us come what may. So spend few minutes for God everyday. As the bible says... Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all this things shall be added unto you...Be a blessings to others..

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