Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Hidden Talent

Back in our country, the Philippines, I am used of helping couples who are about to be wed in their wedding ceremony. It could be through the wedding program or through the flower arrangements/designs. Since flower arranging/designing seems to be innate to me, working long hours with flowers seem just a minute to me. I enjoyed so much that I didnt notice the time. Honestly, I do not have a formal training on flower arranging but my creation are so unique and personal that they love and appreciate it so much. In our country, particularly in our church, my talent or shall we call it a skill, is not hidded to them. That is why in every wedding occasion, they call for my help.

I consider it as one of my personal ministries in helping people through my talent. I did not accept fee and I am very happy about it. I felt that the more I become creative and skillful on that part, reason that I am inspired and willing to help them more. I sometimes worked 24 hours continuous just to make everything perfect from wedding bouquets (bride, bridesmaid, maid of honor, mother), corsages, buttonaires, isle flowers, table flowers, pulpit flowers...everything.

It feels great considering the fact that we live in a tropical place because flowers are not difficult to find. That is one that I like the most and so I had the priviledge of arranging fresh flowers.

Because of my skill, I became the regular flower arranger in our Church.

Here in US my talent or skill in flower arranging remained hidden for the past months but I started to share it with my family friends. I am very happy to see their smile in their face and their appreciation for my work.

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