Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding bouquets

I just arrived home from work...a bit tired but to make my moment bright and happy, I have to talk about my flowers. I want to share to you wedding flower bouquets that are available in my site. They are simple yet elegant, artistic, very formal and most of all presentable in the wedding ceremony. The latest design was the one requested to me by one of the customers in etsy, her request was to make a bouquet with tiffany blue and red combined. It looks so pretty same with the other wedding bouquet. It is a combination of Artificial Peony Spray, Tiffany Blue with water effect Rose, red Rose, Hydrangea, Mum and accents. For more information, go to my shop and select the best one you want.

If you are in Lincoln, Nebraska, I am arranging fresh flowers too. I do wedding isles flower decoration or church flowers...any arrangements you need. It will be just within your budget and so if you want me to help you with your flower arrangements in your wedding, just leave a message here or write at my email, For more detail informations, check out and visit my shop. Thank you!











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