Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've been here in US for almost 8 months. A lot of changes weight, my hairstyle, my perspective in life, my introspection about the place USA...many things. But there is one thing that never change, and that is the longingness to be with my be with parents, siblings, my nephews and nieces. I miss them so much.

My life here in US is comfortable and happy with my husband but the love and bond that I had with my family will always be here in my heart. They are not around but their thoughts and laughter seems just around with me that give more joy and peace in my heart. I just always pray that they are always in good health and in Gods hand.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Faxless Loans

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Simple wish that touched my heart

Today, I spent my time at home. I cleaned the house, talk to my fishes, watched TV and the like. I am having fun with the fishes because everytime I visit them, it is like they are dancing and getting your attention to feed them. I am glad now coz it seems they are all healthy. We put two filters for them so they had a clear and clean water and that helps a lot.

About watching tv, I watched the "Extreme Makeover" and I was touched by the featured little girl. She has a wish not for herself nor for her family but to a certain hospital. She was a cancer patient and you will just really feel the genuine love to her.

With her love to other people, the extreme makeover staff surprised her family with a brand new house.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Winter Campout

It is almost 1:30 early in the morning now. We just arrived home from wallmart. We did shopping as preparation for the winter campout. First, my husband and Cris went to Sams club and then picked me up at the house to join them in wallmart. We ate at Parkins then proceed shopping. The winter camping will be this weekend, February 27 to March 1. Before, I am excited to join but I decided not to coz I cant bear the cold. My husband bought me things that I need specially for the cold incase I decided to go but no, I joined the womens retreat instead. That will be this coming Saturday and it will be in Kansas. It will be fun for sure because my Filipino friends will be there.

I am back!

For the past weeks and days, I am very busy with my work that I was not able to even write and visit blogs. But this time around, I am back again and hopefully have time in writing. Many events and things happened in my life. I received many blessings that I thank God so much. I have now my own car, my husband bought it on his birthday for me and so I can stroll now in the city though still with my husband coz what i have is just a learners permit. I should have somebody on my right when driving. But I am on my way now to learning. Maybe two more weeks and I will apply for the Drivers license. I have many places that I like to stroll with and hopefully with my friend Michelle but this time around, I still have to learn driving.

Get the cash you need!

The World Economic Situation is getting worst that I can even feel it myself. For the past days, I tried of searching jobs and applying at the same time in Lincoln area and its just difficult. There are many reasons why we are experiencing it right now. One big factor is the incapacity to surpass or outmatch the downside losses of businesses. Recovery seem so heavy and tough to achieve resulting to many consequences and options. Options could be for the better or for the worst of concerned individuals. For a business that is cutting costs, they usually, layoff workers…from three shifts, it became two shifts slashing the affected employees.

Work insecurity is felt anywhere. Question of “do I will be retained in the work? Or do I will be included in those unfortunate ones?”… Can I have a job immediately?...these are the frustrating phrases that creep into the minds of the affected individual. Depression and discouragement swallowed them.

As a friend and as a member of the family, what support we can give them. They have kids to support to, they have regular bills to pay to, they eat food everyday, they need money to sustain life.

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