Saturday, March 21, 2009


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Friday, March 20, 2009

Ranger Station

In our trip to Colorado, I will not forget the Ranger Station. It is the best place to view the magnificent landscape of mountains and trees. Its the perfect place to see the nearby snowcapped mountains. We went up the mountain with a great day...warm and sunny and yet the snow up in the mountain is not melting and its beautiful to see. Just that you will experience altitude sickness while ascending because of its high altitude and so we force ourselves to yawn or chew gums. We did enjoyed a lot.

Wow game cards

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Estes Park Colorado

Estes Park Colorado is one of the best place on earth. If you are selecting for a honeymoon place, it is one of the best that I will recommend. There is that little town in the midst of towering mountains and rocks added with the amazing lake blended in the charming houses and stores that you can find in the area. Throughout the Estes Valley, you will find full complement of a year-round accomodations from luxury to budget with each property ready to cater to your plan needs. Wether you are looking for a casual high country hike, or a day of snowshoeing, a technical climb, or a backcountry bivouac, Rocky Mountain National Park is the place to play out your adventure. And Estes park is the place to start.

I feel like I am in heaven.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bible Bowl Colorado

On Saturday Morning, March 14, we attended the Church Worship in the Rocky Mountain Seventh Day Adventist Church. Part in the afternoon, we witnessed the competition of the Bible Bowl. We have participants from our club, the College View Trailblazer Pathfinders. They came all the way from Lincoln, Nebraska to support and compete the Pathfinder activities. Bible Bowl was participated by many Pathfinder clubs all over midwest including Florida. And were proud to know that our group got the first place in the Bible Bowl competition.


Now that I am in a new country and in a new environment, I noticed the importance and the necessity of having having a car. It is very new to me because I am dependent before to public transportation back in our country. Just this January of 2009, my husband bought me a car and there I started to know little things in handling the car and the parts of it. When I arrived here, He has two cars, the other one is a van which we call a Pathfinder Van because that is our vehicle when we go camping with the pathfinders, and then he has his old GMC jeep type car that is not in use because it has a problem in some parts and so now he bought another one for his work. I think he like cars and he like doing little things in it and so he is so good in fixing a problem when there is. While working, he points out to me some parts like ac compressor which perform as the mechanical pump like the human heart that pumps fluid to make the whole system working absorbing heat inside the car. Air conditioning compressor is very important specially in the summer. It became your bestfriend and so it is important that we have to buy the best auto ac parts. It is the one giving us the first hand comfort when we are inside the car.

Now that I have my own car, I treated it as my second home because its my partner in going out wherever I go. With that, I see to it that my travel is convenient and hassle free by making sure that all my car parts are in best of quality specifically the a/c compressor because it is the one giving good feeling and comfort inside the car.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Glacier View Ranch, Colorado

Last Friday, my husband and I and his bestfriend Cris went to Colorado for a weekend vacation. We went to Glacier View Ranch and there I enjoyed so much. The snow capped mountain and the towering rocks were so amazing. In the morning of Saturday, we attended the Sabbath Worship and in the afternoon, we hiked the rocky mountain called the Devil-bath-Tub. The scenes up in the mountain was stunning. I wish I can stay the whole evening in the summit savoring the beauty and wonders of the surroundings. It felt like I am in the Philippines again climbing mountain and enjoying the charm of Gods creation. It took us almost half day in hiking and climbing and it was a wonderful experience specially so that I am with my husband and a dear friend. I wish to be able to go back again coz anywere there is spectacular and breathtaking.


Perfect Turbo Charger

Turbocharger is very crucial in any vehicles particularly in racing cars. It help boost the power of the machine specially during the high speed travel and long drive. As the years go by, we need to embrace the continues innovation in our environment. One of the most important things that we should not neglect is our cars because it is a necessity in our daily lives. Everytime we go out from our house, we need our cars and sometimes we cannot accomplish work without it. It’s a reality that cars of anykind plays an important role in us. Therefore, we need to give attention to our cars with at most priority. In order to meet our expectation to have maximum efficiency, we need to be particular in all its spare parts from Mag wheels to engine performance.
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