Saturday, March 28, 2009

Couples Workshop

Yesterday, a family friend of ours invited us to attend the couples workshop that will be held here in Lincoln for three consecutive days. It has a fee for $300 each couple and we will be staying in one hotel i guess for the workshop duration. At first, we are not interested because we usually spent the weekend resting but since our family friend insisted, maybe we will consider of going. I hope my friend Michelle will go.

Anyways, Michelle, Wayne her husband, me and Monte overstayed in the church coz it seems our talk is never ending. I am happy though to have a friend like them. I hope they will not change.


In the place where I have been, cellphone is so much necessary. And so almost all the people have cellphones even the elementary kids. Now that I’m here in United States, things are the same. Cellphones are necessity and so most of the people are using it too. I am so thankful that we have this kind of technology being able to talk to our loved ones anywhere…even when they are at the other side of the world with just a phone call away. Actually to me, it became one of the most appreciated things because it served and became my way of knowing and communicating with my husband when I am still in our country. Now we are together.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

My nephews and Nieces

My nephews and nieces are the people so dear to me that I really miss at this point. I miss them so badly specially my nephew CK. I wish I am with them now.
I am so thankful that when I have time spending with them in the Philippines, I spent it with them in the best that I can. I have lots and lots of happy memories with them…spending funny and happy times together in many places that they wanted…ice skating in ice skating rink in Mega Mall, KFC at Centerpoint and Mall of Asia (actually many KFC places because that is our favorite foodchain), strolling in Adventist University of the Philippines and in SSD and more places… I wish and pray that all of them can be here in my place now. That could be possible but it will take time but still with their perseverance and commitment in their schooling, they will be here and be together again one day. I will wait for this day.

Building and Inspecion Reports

An idea of buying a house is a happy and exciting feeling. Of course that is because living in your own home is something meaningful and special. It will give you peace of mind, convenience and comfort because it is your own home. To newly wed like me and if you are taking into account of buying a house for a home, what are your lists of considerations. Are you confused or busy and don’t have time to think about it? Do not worry because will give you the detailed information you need as well as their extensive knowledge in a form of professional reports. Through them, you will know if a house is worthpurchasing…what are the necessary actions or decisions you will make if the team handed you their finished inspection results. They are the experts when it comes to building and pest inspections and so you don’t have to worry. Their experience in business was proven already and became the largest, most reputable inspection company in NSW.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Omaha Zoo

Last night we slept so late in the evening already...actually early morning at about 3in the morning because we prepared the lunch food of Pathfinders. This whole day we went to Omaha Zoo to study and earn two honors...the amphibians and the cacti. Omaha is not that far...just about 1.5 hours away here in Lincoln and so we left about 10am...a bit late actually but I think things went well. I like the Desert Dome and the Aquarium area. I was reminded with our place in the Philippines, our humble province Romblon. We live just 15 minutes walk away from seashore and coral reef and it is feels good to see again those amazing creatures under the sea. I will share to you some pictures I took in the coral reef in our place, Romblon.