Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Spring Camping Preparation

I am excited with the Spring Camping because I wasn't able to join them in Winter Campout. I wish I was able to but i really cant bear the cold and so I just waited this spring to be able to join them. I prepared and packed our things ahead of time and so I am thinking that I am very ready and I will not forget things. My husband has a different bag of his own and so I am figuring it out that I am not missing anything. Everything went fine...we arrived the camping site a bit late coz my husband has to take a shower first after work but situations did favor us. I met my group and had fun with the kids. One thing that I am making sure in activities like this is to bring a camera with me and yes i have it but when I am about to take pictures, my camera card was not in it. I left it at my laptop. I can use the internal memory of it but it was full and i dont want to erase it and so I felt sad. I talked to my husband and he just said, well...thats nice. He just gave me a hug and said just bring it next time. So maybe I will just have a copy of the pictures taken by some of my friends.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Travel to Hawaii

One of my biggest dreams is to visit and enjoy the outstanding and remarkable place of Hawaii. Because of its grandeur and brilliance, I believe that it is a desire of everyone…to have a quality time in Hawaii. It is such an amazing place for me perfect location to spend time with my loved ones. Like the immediate reactions of people, their excitement, happiness, overwhelming feeling of just hearing the words “vacation in Hawaii”, it is exactly the same ardor that I feel everytime I see Hawaii informations or Hawaii advertisements. The enthusiasm and eagerness of being able to visit and experience myself the enticing and stunning adventures that the place can offer.

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Spring Camping

We just had a Spring Camping in the Woodland Acre. It started last Friday and it ends yesterday. For all the campouts that I have attended with, the last one was the best and the camping that I enjoyed very much. It rained the first evening but it went fine the next day. I was the counselor of the Ranger girls and I stayed in their tent the whole camping activities. One of the reasons why I like the camping very much was that the kids are the one who prepared their own food...breakfast, lunch and supper and it was amazing to see them working.

I thought, at first, the ladies will not like me as their counselor but i guess in the end they appreciate my presence. I dont know them much becuase I am always with Friends group but I am thankful that I have that ample time of knowing them. I enjoyed sharing happy moments with them and hopefully that will be a beginning of a good friendly relationship.