Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Best Travel Show On Television

"Guest post of the week by Val Flores"

When it comes to great television shows on Direct TV packages that have to do with travel, there is just one that get's me to the couch every single time it is on: "No Reservations". It's really a simple show: Anthony Bourdain travles to a different location every week, try's local delicacy s (from street food to four star fare), indulges in a bit of culture, and learns about the people. In truth, though, it's not just the location that makes in much watch television, nor is it Bourdain himself, it's a combination of the two, along with the different types of food he tries.

In a way, Bourdain could read a telephone book and be engrossing. He's one of the smartest, most reliable person's on television. He's not stuck up, he's not a know it all, and while you know he is smarter then you, you just relate to him. Plus, he can describe food like nobody else on television. What other show would make you feel like you don't just want to go to a location halfway around the world, but also partake in their local delicacy's. Heck, whether it's bugs in Asia, heart's and lungs in France, or something strange in your own backyard, Bourdain makes you feel like you don't just want to try it, but you have to.

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