Friday, March 11, 2011

My application

Lately, I am cramming to put together all my legal documents to be submitted in USCIS. Well, I shouldn’t because I still have 1 more month before the deadline…but I am just critical too like my husband. Anyway, We are applying for taking out the conditions as Resident here in US and they requested legal documents to be passed. I have all those but of course it is good to be on time. Things that they need are legal documents showing that I am truthfully married to my husband. Of course we are and we are proud to say that we are happily married. Life Insurance was one of the documents I included with my husband as beneficiary. This was the very first thing that my husband provided me when I arrived here to be free from any worries and uncertainties. My knowledge in life insurance is not that wide…I mean as to other companies specially with the rates they offer and maybe it is a good idea of checking the whole life insurance rates.

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