Friday, March 11, 2011

Our very special dates!

The first place that I was able to visit and had a vacation here in US, was Branson, MO. That was year 2008, month of July and dates 7 till throughout the whole week. Got a hint? Well…the 6th was our wedding day and next of course was the honeymoon! That is the reason why Branson is so memorable to us because right after our wedding here in Lincoln, Nebraska, we went over there and spent our one of our happiest days of our lives. It was worth travelling in that place. There’s many attractions for tourists. One of the places we went was the Silver Dollar City and you will love being in there….we had fun, fun and fun experience. It is not that expensive to go there, you can get a Branson vacation packages that is pocket friendly. Get a lot of pictures!

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