Friday, March 11, 2011

Things to learn

Being new here in US, I have a lot of things to learn because I grew up in a place where many of the things are opposite of what they have here. I can understand English…I am not sure if I can speak fluently like a natural American citizen… I am trying to and that is the one I am learning everyday through everyday acquaintances with American people. I have a development though I can say and I hope will continue.

Aside from the English language, I have to learn about the US money specially the little ones. I had fun experience learning the us coins, well…not sure if that is how you call it here but in our place, we call ours as coins. But anyway, that is what I meant…the 25 cents, 10 cents, 5 cents and 1 cent. I took time before it sank in to my brain familiarizing their sizes and the faces. Well, I finally did it.

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