Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Show your love to your parents as always as you can

If you have the chance to show your love and care for your parents personally do it as always as you can. Why? Because you are lucky to have them with you right now… that you can touch them, talk to them, see them, hear them…feel them on your side. When your parents are very far like in my situation right now, I don’t have those kind of opportunities and it made me sad. All I have are all wishes that they are with me right now to spend time with…strolling together in Mahoney Park or in Omaha Doorly Zoo…anywhere or just with me by my side. I am missing terribly those happy moments we’re together in the mountain…and in the beach…in the church…in our home. Right now, yes, we have technologies that can help alleviate our longingness to see them but having them with you in your side is more than anything. I love them greatly. I thanked them for raising me the way they did. I greatly commend them on that because I grew up knowing God and it all that matters to experience real peace, joy, love and contentment in this world. In situations like I have right now, far from my parents, all I can do is sending personalized mothers day gifts for my mother. This way, we let them know that we love and care for them.

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