Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Medical Field

To take Nursing Assistant course was the last decision my friend and I came about. It will be this May and hopefully, we can have the schedule soon. We are still waiting for the final schedule but we contacted the hospital already that we are going to register in. This is just a trial stage for us if we want to pursue Nursing course in the future. If we enjoy the course and the job training, the possibility of taking the Nursing course is greater. Let us see. For now, we are focused on that plan to finish it and have a job as a Nursing Assistant.

Why we like that course? To be a registered Nurse is the one I am interested in, I do not know to my friend but to me, that is what I want. I have an Accounting Degree but it seems, it is not working for me. Then one day, I was moved and touched by these two lovely ladies working as Nurses at Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center here in Lincoln, in Pediatric/Delivery Department. Their services were beyond the compensation they are receiving. They care so much that I felt I am loved and well taken cared of. By staying there for almost three days, I saw myself being one of them in the future doing the same for people who need care. But, to be sure that I will like the job, taking the Nursing Assistant Course is the best way to do.

Momentarily, my friend and I are on our way. We do not know what the future holds but having plans are good right now. We know we need many things in our classes and one of those is the nursing uniforms . I am not sure if that is how you call it, a friend of mine said yes…and so I tried searching in the internet.

Luckily, I ended up with BlueSkyscrubs website. They have almost everything you need for medical uniforms. Of course you want it affordable and so they have cheap medical scrubs . Try to look at it and you will be fascinated by their scrubs. They have this all cotton scrubs, dental scrubs, burnt orange scrubs, even c cotton lab coat too…Good quality and very affordable.