Saturday, March 12, 2011

My prayer for the victims of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and stunami in Japan

My heart goes out to the people of Japan who were affected by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by tsunami last Friday afternoon, March 11, 2010. Seeing the devastating effect through videos and pictures just breaks my heart. My prayer for the Japanese people who were directly affected by this tragic event, is that they will find refuge and comfort in these very difficult times of their lives. I know it is difficult to understand and painful to bear but I believe that there will be a smooth road ahead after the curve sections that they are going through right now. I pray that you will find that straight and smooth road soon and quick.

To all the people who has the capacity to help and are helping right now starting from the government and private entities all over the world, to our medical teams/rescue teams, militaries, red cross staffs, religious organizations, volunteers and the like, I pray for your safety that you can help and save more lives. I salute you for your effort in giving your best to help others that are in need.

If you want to help through financial, red cross and other organizations have a system to accept such. Let us continue to include the victims in our prayers.

Friday, March 11, 2011

My application

Lately, I am cramming to put together all my legal documents to be submitted in USCIS. Well, I shouldn’t because I still have 1 more month before the deadline…but I am just critical too like my husband. Anyway, We are applying for taking out the conditions as Resident here in US and they requested legal documents to be passed. I have all those but of course it is good to be on time. Things that they need are legal documents showing that I am truthfully married to my husband. Of course we are and we are proud to say that we are happily married. Life Insurance was one of the documents I included with my husband as beneficiary. This was the very first thing that my husband provided me when I arrived here to be free from any worries and uncertainties. My knowledge in life insurance is not that wide…I mean as to other companies specially with the rates they offer and maybe it is a good idea of checking the whole life insurance rates.

Carpet Cleaner

The previous weeks, I met my friend in one of the big stores here in Lincoln. She was looking for a carpet shampooer. Carpet Shampooer do play an important role s in cleaning the house specifically the carpet. She said, it was her wish of owning one because she can clean the carpet anytime when she has the time. I said, that is a very good idea instead of barrowing most of the times.

We are in the appliances area and next to carpet shampooer is of course the carpet vacuum. We all know that the two are bestfriends. They have all different kinds and so it is really up to the customer what to buy. Maybe ask a store assistance as to how those things works best. Online, there is this Hepa vacuum. Search it and find how it goes.

Things to learn

Being new here in US, I have a lot of things to learn because I grew up in a place where many of the things are opposite of what they have here. I can understand English…I am not sure if I can speak fluently like a natural American citizen… I am trying to and that is the one I am learning everyday through everyday acquaintances with American people. I have a development though I can say and I hope will continue.

Aside from the English language, I have to learn about the US money specially the little ones. I had fun experience learning the us coins, well…not sure if that is how you call it here but in our place, we call ours as coins. But anyway, that is what I meant…the 25 cents, 10 cents, 5 cents and 1 cent. I took time before it sank in to my brain familiarizing their sizes and the faces. Well, I finally did it.

Our very special dates!

The first place that I was able to visit and had a vacation here in US, was Branson, MO. That was year 2008, month of July and dates 7 till throughout the whole week. Got a hint? Well…the 6th was our wedding day and next of course was the honeymoon! That is the reason why Branson is so memorable to us because right after our wedding here in Lincoln, Nebraska, we went over there and spent our one of our happiest days of our lives. It was worth travelling in that place. There’s many attractions for tourists. One of the places we went was the Silver Dollar City and you will love being in there….we had fun, fun and fun experience. It is not that expensive to go there, you can get a Branson vacation packages that is pocket friendly. Get a lot of pictures!

My picky husband!

Talking about “very picky” when it comes to shoes, that’s my husband. The last time we bought shoes for him, we visited 5 shoes stores here in Lincoln just to find the best shoes he likes. At first, It seems “not cool” roaming around with him to find that very special shoes of him but I stopped, trying to understand him and it make sense. Having that very comfortable feeling and support that you will get from the shoes will give you more joyful delight while working long hours in a day. Speaking of comfort and support, this is the definition of mbt shoes.