Friday, March 25, 2011

I need to exercise!

When I arrived here in US, I am happy to be able to continue the things I like doing back in our place. That was being able to exercise three times or more in a week. I did that religiously since our house is near to a beautiful park that you can walk, jog or bike and just enjoy the surroundings…trees, green grass, birds singing, squirrel playing, rabbit eating and running around and lots of other enjoying moments with nature. I did my exercise routine religiously for about two years but because of work, I started to get lazy. Well, I need to start that habit again to be healthy and maybe it is a good idea too to encourage my husband to have a long walk once in awhile. We love strolling in the country side but he drove while we stroll…well, we both love the joy of the ride if that is what you call it. Anyway before, I thought, exercise/workout is good enough then I was informed about this pre workout supplements. I do not have an idea if it is working but you can try.

Winter Campout

My husband and I, love camping. Actually, we just had our winter camping last February 25-27. It was not my first time because the other year 2010, we went out camping too while Lincoln, Nebraska was experiencing snow storm. The ground had 6 to 7 inches of snow but we shoveled the ground first before placing our tents. This year, we experienced the same… there was snow on the ground and still snowing too but it seems I get used to it. Like the other kids, I enjoyed too… the white …snowy…cold…well, not cold because I am bundled up with my winter gear. Well, we had a fire pit…our most favorite place during campout…could be spring campout, fall or summer campout…we love it much.

Social Security Benefits

I absolutely admire the social security benefits the American people are enjoying. One of which is the disability benefits that an employee can claim once he or she is injured and later become disable to work. Just thinking about it gives you the sense of security that there will be something you can hang on when tragedy strikes you. There will be a process of course before you can successfully claim this kind of benefits but it is worthfollowing because you will be provided with benefits you need. Sometimes, maybe it is difficult because there were others that were denied and so maybe hiring a lawyer who has the expertise and know how in these areas will be a good decision.