Saturday, June 20, 2015

One of my favorite books, "A Child Called "It".

The book entitled "A Child Called "It" is a depressing autobiography of the author, Dave Pelzer. In this book, he wrote a compelling account of his struggles as a young boy from the age of 4 to the age of 12 years, in the hands of his mentally ill, abusive and alcoholic mother. He unveiled the curtain of being an abused child and revealed his unpleasant experiences as he succumbed the grueling and hateful attacks of his detrimental mother.

Before the abuse began, Dave recalled that he had a happy and normal family. His father was working as a fireman in San Francisco, working twenty four hour shifts and was rarely at home. His mother was a kind, gentle, wonderful gardener, and excellent cook, often making exotic meals matched up with exotic music while the family ate. She was very energetic, caring, and cleaned the house extremely well. Dave had two brothers named Stan and Russell.

They would often have outings or celebrations of holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. On Halloween, they carved pumpkins for decorations, and on Christmas they always had dozens of presents for each child under the tree. Summer vacations were always planned by Dave’s mother. They would rent a cabin on the Russian River and enjoy every moment of it, either swimming or watching the sunset with the whole family. However, these happy moments were short lived. Changes started when Dave’s mother began spending her days on the couch watching television and drinking when her husband was not at home. Dave became the target of his mother’s drunken rage. (Dave, P. (1995). A child called “it” : once child courage to survive. Florida: Health Communications, Inc.)

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