Saturday, June 20, 2015

Taking the first step is a challenge!

Taking the first step to start a complex project, a plan, or even the easiest task is sometimes challenging. I can say this because I experience this most of the times. One obvious example is my failure of updating my blog. I am in front of my computer most of the times and I like writing and sharing my experiences however, it’s the small step, the very first step which in my case is to sit down and write whatever is on my mind that becomes a hindrance. It seems easy to say and do what I just said but in reality I always ended up circling around the plans or project and it is very frustrating at times.

So today, I have to make changes. I acknowledge that I have a problem in starting off and with that I am committing myself to update my blogs as much as I can. I learned that when I give time and focus to something I want, it gives an amazing development and accomplishment and I believe that this is true to other people too.

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