Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Do you have any good story about a great deal in buying a car? I do!

Do you have any good story about a great deal in buying a car you like? Well, I do and it blows me away. The story started last Sunday afternoon, unexpected, and unplanned in the parking lot of Russ’s Market. I was sitting in my husband’s working car when he asked me if I’m interested to see a car he’s interested to buy. I told him sure! So we went and while we’re on the road, he told me that the car he’s interested in was drivable but not in excellent condition because there were many little things that need to be repaired. However, he’s a mechanic in his own right and way and he loves fixing cars so for me it was not surprising.

When we arrived at the area, I saw the car and it was in the back parking lot of the car dealer. It was not looking good at all but I know my husband can flip it. So I said to him, “yes, that’s a good price for a project to put time into”. However, while turning away from that vehicle, I saw another vehicle with a price tag not far from the asking of the other one. It looks new, I will say gorgeous, and perfect. It was actually one of the new Ford Explorer specifically and the outside had few but small scratches, no dings, and was well taken cared. The inside was the same. It had leather seats, very clean, and was obviously maintained nicely.

Now, the only problem according to the mark written in the front wind shield was it had a timing chain broken. My husband said, “it’s not a problem because I can buy/fix it” and so it’s still a good buy. So, the following day, Monday, I went back on that place since my husband can’t because he was working on his regular job. I told the car dealer that my husband and I were there yesterday and was interested to buy that Ford Explorer. Expectedly, the car dealer explained to me the problem about the timing chain. A lady from the room somewhere at the back, probably the big boss of the car dealer said in a loud voice, “that car has an engine problem too” and needs to be changed. So now, the car had two huge problems. With that being said, I let my husband talk to the car guy and do the decision if he’s interested or not to buy it.

With the conversation, it seemed my husband was still interested even with that additional problem given and so I told the car dealer that I will pay it right then and there to be sure that we get it. However, he said that I can do the payment in the afternoon including the paper works. It was good on my part because my husband will be there. In the afternoon, after the working hours of my husband, we went there to finalize the purchase. After the payment and the paper works, we checked the car again and we fell in love with the car because of how the car was well taken cared. It looks new! Of course the gas mileage was outstanding too.

Now, here comes the hard part, the towing. Well, my husband forgot to bring a battery at first. All he had was his brother to help him and the towing gear. My husband tried to tow it using the strap, not sure of how you call it but it’s a gear for towing. Unfortunately, the wheels were not turning and so it pulls the front bumper up a little bit. My husband said, “I have to make another plan since it’s not working our way”. And there he remembered that he should have brought a battery to power up the wheels I guess, something to that effect. So we went back across town again to get the battery and back.
Excitingly, my brother-in –law tried turning on the engine expecting that it will not work at all.  Surprisingly, it worked.  The deafening sound of an engine shocked all of us especially my husband.  Nothing was wrong with the car.  My brother-in-law drove it and everything worked perfectly. Instead of pulling the car, we drove it home. Until now, the car is still in its excellent condition and runs great.  We considered it as a gift from above.


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