Wednesday, July 1, 2015

So excited with my new job!

The previous weeks, I made a decision to point my career to the right path.  I know it was right, necessary, and will happen one day but I’m not expecting that it would be that week.  I’m thinking about that decision of changing my job for long time since it’s not the direction I wanted in my life however, the camaraderie of the  people around me in my working area  such as my supervisor, co-workers, and friends in nearby department, made my stay longer.  The work was hard but their friendship, support, and care to me were amazing and I can’t thank them enough for that.

Now, that means, I am jobless.  I needed to focus on the plan of shifting the curve line to a straight one.  Well, to give you a clue, I’m a working student and I’m taking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).   I landed working in an amazing work place unfortunately however it’s far from the medical field I’m trying to attain.  I’ve been working there for long time because the company was very good in accommodating my changing schedules.  That was one of the main reasons of staying however, I can’t use the working experience as my back-up to my main career and because of that, I made the decision of resigning.

Well, one of the great starting jobs for a nursing student like me is to be a clinical assistant, a nurse aide, or a certified nursing assistant (CNA).  And so, that’s the path I walked.  I took the training and took the written and skills test.  I passed the written and skills test and was given the license to work.

I applied in one of the rehabilitation hospitals here in our place and I’m happy that I was accepted and will be started working this July in the Ventilation Assisted Unit.

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