Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Spending time with my family!

Today, I am inspired to express my thoughts and feelings.  Since I will be very busy next week because it will be my first day of school in the fall semester, I am enjoying my time as much as I can with my family.  The previous weeks, I spent my time working and had fun in the water as well.  With the stressful summer I had, I enjoyed the remaining month camping and chilling out with my family.  We went out kayaking, jet skiing, water tubing, and boating.  Today, I will talk about my experience in kayaking.   I promised to myself while being bombarded with books to read, assignments to submit, and more school works to be done that I will pamper myself with fun and more fun in the water.  I am thankful to my loving husband and to my beautiful daughter Madilynn who graces my summer with their untiring support, love, and belief that I will be just fine. So, in the first weekend, my family camped at woodland acres.

It’s a beautiful place with a lake just right to start my first time kayaking adventure.  It was not that challenging actually because the water was very calm and quiet but since nobody was around, I and my family enjoyed the water its serenity, privacy, and great weather.  At first, I thought it will be boring but I really had fun.   It actually brought memories from the past growing up.  I had a happy childhood and joyful experiences with my friends. I spent great time in the water since our house was situated in the nearby shore.  Basically, the seashore was my playground and so most of the times we went playing, swimming, and boating.  Now, here I was with the Kayak and the paddle about to plunge into the water.  Nervous at first but it went away so quickly.  I paddled here and there, took pictures of the surroundings, and enjoyed the sound made by the little creatures surrounding the area.  When I was confident enough maneuvering the water, I brought my little girl and enjoyed the water as well.  She loves it.  She acquired my interest and appreciation in nature I guess.   Whole weekend long, we had fun.  We celebrated the Sabbath walking in  the woods and in the hills thanking God for his goodness to all of us. 

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