Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Blogging became my interest when a friend of mine named Michell introduced it to me.  I was so excited and was eager to write every day.  However, I became so busy with school, responsibilities, and work.  To tell you, the last blog I wrote was dated August 17, 2016. Obviously I was not able to update my blogsite long time.  Now, I’m planning to dedicate a time to write again and share life’s learning especially in the field of nursing where I am spending most of my time today.  I am thinking that it will be a great learning and help to me as I perceive and understand many different corners of nursing experiences and education.   It is my utmost hope to give you clarity and information about subjects that I myself was not aware of when it comes to disease process or to anything about nursing.  Any response will surely be appreciated!

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